Authentic Jjajangmyeon 짜장면 Jjampong 짬뽕 for only $9.90++ at IMM @Wonderful Bapsang

Wonderful Bapsang brings you probably the best lunch deal in Singapore west side! West side best side!

Cooked by Korean Chef himself with homemade sauces and seasoning, enjoy a bowl of piping hot Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles) or Jjambbong (Spicy Seafood Noodles Soup) at only $9.90++ each (U.P $14.80/$16.80) and top up just $5 to get a side of your choice!

Choose between Tangsuyuk, Korean Fried Dumpling or Korean Fried Chicken!
Lunch deal Wonderful Bapsang IMM

Lunch deal details

11.30am – 2pm
Available from Monday to Friday, except for Public Holiday.
Only available at IMM outlet
Address: IMM, #02-25

Personal Opinion:

As a Korean food lover, I would really encourage you to try out the Korean food in Wonderful Bapsang! Each bite of the Jjangmyoen was a delightful blend of umami and subtle sweetness, enhanced by the homemade sauce that boasted a depth of flavour.

Equally impressive was the Jjampong, a fiery Korean seafood noodle soup that delivered a burst of bold flavours and aromas. The broth, imbued with a homemade spicy seafood base, was both robust and deeply satisfying. They are also very generous with the amount of fresh seafood in it! including shrimp, and mussels, was cooked to perfection, adding a delightful oceanic brininess to the dish.

With regards to the side dishes, my personal best preference is Korean Fried Chicken, followed by the Tangsuyuk. I know that in the market there are many Korean restaurants selling fried chicken but Wonderful Bapsang’s one is truly my favourite. The sauces are not overly thick, and the chicken is still juicy and crunchy. I wanted to ask for more!

The Tangsuyuk was also pretty amazing, the homemade sweet and sour sauce strikes an impeccable balance between tangy and sweet, with just the right amount of acidity to complement the savoury pork.

Wonderful Bapsang IMM outlet also serves awesome Korean BBQ buffet as well! Check them out! Right beside the Korean bbq, there is also a Korean mini mart opened by them with a huge range of food items and drinks from Korea!

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