Feast in the Dragon Year with Din Tai Fung’s NEW Abalone Yu Sheng and Pineapple Cakes

Usher in the year of the dragon with Din Tai Fungโ€™s classic Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ็ปๅ…ธๅ‘่ดข้ฑผ็”Ÿ, Vegetarian Prosperity Yu Sheng ๅฏŒ่ดต็ด ้ฑผ็”Ÿ, and their new Abundance Abalone Yu Sheng ่ฑๆ”ถ้ฒ้ฑผ้ฑผ็”Ÿ

With the Lunar New Year on the horizon, Din Tai Fung welcomes the Year of the Dragon with the return of the much-anticipated Prosperity Yu Sheng, featuring three enticing options to choose from including their new and lavish Abundance Abalone Yu Sheng ่ฑๆ”ถ้ฒ้ฑผ้ฑผ็”Ÿ. Look forward to the joy of celebrating reunions with the traditional tossing of Yu Sheng, a gesture representing the growth of abundance and good fortune. In addition to the festivities, indulge in new Din Tai Fung’s Pineapple Cakes ้ผŽๆณฐ่ฑๅ‡คๆขจ้…ฅ alongside their timeless classic dishes.

Available for dine-in and takeaway and at all restaurants from 26 January to 24 February 2024, these celebratory classics are perfectly timed for reunion gatherings. Plan your festivities in advance and take advantage of Din Tai Fung’s early bird promotion from 5 to 25 January 2024, offering exciting limited edition festive merchandise to elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations.

Abundance of ้พ™-Lasting Prosperity!

Available at all Din Tai Fung restaurants islandwide for in-store (dine-in & takeaway) and e-store from 26 January to 24 February 2024.

Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ็ปๅ…ธๅ‘่ดข้ฑผ็”Ÿ โ€“ S$58.80 per serving
Vegetarian Prosperity Yu Sheng ๅฏŒ่ดต็ด ้ฑผ็”Ÿ โ€“ S$53.80 per serving
[NEW] Abundance Abalone Yu Sheng ่ฑๆ”ถ้ฒ้ฑผ้ฑผ็”Ÿ โ€“ S$88.80 per serving

Indulge in the quintessential Lunar New Year celebration with Din Tai Fung’s Prosperity Yu Sheng. Take your pick from three enticing options โ€“ the Classic Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ็ปๅ…ธๅ‘่ดข้ฑผ็”Ÿ, the Vegetarian Prosperity Yu Sheng ๅฏŒ่ดต็ด ้ฑผ็”Ÿ, or the new and lavish Abundance Abalone Yu Sheng ่ฑๆ”ถ้ฒ้ฑผ้ฑผ็”Ÿ. This vibrant starter sets the tone for an auspicious celebration, combining ingredients that symbolise good health, happiness, wealth, and luck.

New to this yearโ€™s Yu Sheng selection is the Abundance Abalone Yu Sheng ่ฑๆ”ถ้ฒ้ฑผ้ฑผ็”Ÿ, where tradition meets luxury in a dazzling display of flavours. This exquisite dish introduces a symphony of textures with customary ingredients featuring a mix of freshly julienned carrots, green and white radish, toasted white sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, and Din Tai Fungโ€™s crispy yam strips โ€“ an irresistible combination sure to tantalise your taste buds. The Yu Sheng is further elevated with smoked salmon slices laying the foundation for the star of the show โ€“ the succulent abalone. This thoughtfully crafted combination adds a premium touch to every bite, seamlessly melding the rich, delicate brininess of the abalone with the smoky undertones of the salmon.

To amplify the joyous occasion, let the wealth of flavours flow with Din Tai Fung’s iconic Auspicious Plum Dressing ๅ‰็ฅฅ้…ธๆข…้…ฑ. Crafted in-house through a meticulous research and development process, the dressing undergoes careful curation to achieve a delightful balance of sweetness and tanginess. This unique blend accentuates the flavour and freshness of each ingredient, bringing the dish together in perfect harmony for a “lo-ing” good time.

For an added dose of fortune to your Yu Sheng, choose from a variety of distinctive toppings including freshly hand-cut Crispy Yam Strips ้…ฅ่„†่Š‹ๅคดไธ (S$4.80 per serving) with uniform thickness deep fried to a delightful texture and the tantalising Fried Salmon Skin ็‚ธ้ฑผ็šฎ (S$5.80 per serving). Enhance the flavours further with the Auspicious Plum Dressing ๅ‰ ็ฅฅ้…ธๆข…้…ฑ (S$2.80 per serving) and an extra serving of Sliced Smoked Salmon ็†ไธ‰ๆ–‡้ฑผ็‰‡ (60gm, S$14.80 per serving). Vegetarians can delight in the celebration with the luscious Vegetarian Prosperity Yu Sheng ๅฏŒ่ดต็ด ้ฑผ็”Ÿ, sans the smoked salmon. For those in search of a lavish experience, elevate this auspicious dish with Din Tai Fungโ€™s new Capelin Fish Roe ้ฑผ็ฑฝ (20gm, S$5.00 per serving). Imported directly from Japan, these shishamo eggs, freshly cured to sushi-grade perfection, add a premium touch, enriching your experience with a subtle taste of luxury.

With every purchase of the Prosperity Yu Sheng, receive an exclusive set of Din Tai Fung limited edition festive merchandise.

Early Bird Pre-Order Promotion

Promotion period: 5 January to 25 January 2024

Enjoy an early bird special for the Prosperity Yu Sheng with pre-orders starting from 5 to 25 January 2024, and receive an exclusive ensemble of Din Tai Fung limited edition festive merchandise consisting of Din Tai Fung Mandarin Orange Bag ๅ‰ๅˆฉๆŸ‘ๆฉ˜ๅŒ…, Din Tai Fung 2024 Red Packets (8pcs/pkt), and a Premium Thermal Insulated Bag ้ผŽ็บงไฟๆธฉๅŒ….

Embellished with vibrant floral patterns inspired by elegant mudan and peony flowers, the limited edition Din Tai Fung Mandarin Orange Bag ๅ‰ๅˆฉๆŸ‘ๆฉ˜ๅŒ… is not just a chic accessory but also the perfect companion for festive visits to carry your mandarin oranges, red packets, and other Lunar New Year essentials. The Din Tai Fung limited edition festive merchandise is exclusively available for pre-orders via the Din Tai Fung e-store only. T&Cs apply*

*Terms and Conditions:
1. Limited to one complimentary item per customer per bill, while redemptions last.
2. Complimentary items are not for sale nor exchangeable.
3. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice
Note: All pre-orders have to be made at least 3 days in advance. 1st collection date on 26
January 2024.

DBS/POSB Cardholders

Promotion period: 26 January to 24 February 2024

Celebrate the new year with a sumptuous feast! Exclusive to DBS/POSB cardholders, enjoy 10% off every order of your Prosperity Yu Sheng (applicable for Smoked Salmon, Vegetarian and Abalone). T&Cs apply*

*Terms and conditions:
1. Valid for dine-in and takeaway, while servings last.
2. All prices stated are before GST and service charge.
3. 10% off is not applicable to top-up items.
4. Not applicable with other promotions, offers, discounts and/or privileges, except for DBS
yearlong promotion.
5. Payment must be charged to a valid DBS/POSB credit or debit bank card to enjoy the
6. Terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

้พ™-ing for Din Tai Fung’s Pineapple Cakes ้ผŽๆณฐ่ฑๅ‡คๆขจ้…ฅ

Welcoming the Lunar New Year with a burst of sweetness, Din Tai Fung proudly presents its latest addition, the Din Tai Fungโ€™s Pineapple Cakes ้ผŽๆณฐ่ฑๅ‡คๆขจ้…ฅ. Priced at S$24.80 nett for a box of 10 pieces, these golden pineapple cakes promise to add a touch of joy to the occasion

Each meticulously crafted cake is a testament to Din Tai Fung’s commitment to quality and precision, boasting a freshly baked composition free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. The crumbly crust, generously filled with fibrous pineapple jam achieves a perfect balance of sweetness and a piquant tanginess, providing a truly indulgent treat. Artfully prepared, these cakes are made with all-natural, fresh Taiwan pineapples renowned for their low acidity and exceptional sweetness.

For optimal freshness and on-the-go enjoyment, each cake is individually wrapped and sealed in custom mulberry wrappers adorned with traditional watercolour designs, offering a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Taiwan.

Online Exclusive (e-store)

Promotion period: 5 January 2024 onwards, while servings last

Enjoy S$2 off Din Tai Fungโ€™s Pineapple Cakes ้ผŽๆณฐ่ฑๅ‡คๆขจ้…ฅ with the online purchase of any Yu Sheng through the Din Tai Fung e-store. The first collection date is set for 26 January 2024.

DBS/POSB Cardholders

Promotion period: 15 January 2024 onwards, while servings last

For DBS/POSB cardmembers, enjoy 10% off with the purchase of 3 or more boxes, and an additional 5% off for 6 boxes and above in-store during the promotional period.

Spark Good Fortune & Luck: Grab Din Tai Fung’s Exclusive Dragon-Charm Red Packets!

Begin the Lunar New Year celebrations on a prosperous note! Receive exclusive Din Tai Fung red packets as a complimentary addition to every Yu Sheng purchase, while redemptions last.

Drawn from the image of the Golden Dragon treading upon the Seven-Colored Clouds while holding Xiao Long Bao โ€œ้‡‘้พ™่ธฉ7ๅฝฉไบ‘ ๆ‰‹ไธญๆกๅฐ็ฌผๅŒ…โ€, the red packets embody a seamless fusion of cultural symbolism and culinary allure. The majestic golden dragon, symbolising strength and good fortune, gracefully traverses vibrant pink and jade clouds, promising a year of prosperity and positive energy. Adding a playful touch to the design, the dragon cradles Din Tai Fung’s iconic Xiao Long Bao, highlighting the brand’s culinary expertise and embodying the traditional Chinese metaphor for abundance and prosperity in the coming year. These limited-edition red packets serve as more than just carriers of good wishes โ€“ they are a visual feast, embodying the spirit of celebration and abundance synonymous with the Lunar New Year.

Mark the Year of the Dragon with exquisite Yu Sheng selections from Din Tai Fung, setting the tone for a year replete with prosperity, good fortune, and cherished moments shared among loved ones. Secure exclusive early bird promotions by pre-ordering for a Lunar New Year celebration with added special touches

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