3 Exotic Buffet Catering, Not Your Typical Buffet Menu Cuisine

The essential buffet catering for company gatherings, events, special occasions, don’t you think the buffet choices are always more or less the same? You’ve got your quintessential fried rice, fried noodles, seafood such as prawns or fish, a must have meat dish followed by the usual dessert offering, don’t you wish sometimes the selections are more exotic?

We’ve got you covered, here’s 3 unique buffet catering that’s sure to spice up your events, company gatherings (suggest these to your HR), special occasions!

1.Deli Hub Catering

Deli Hub Dessert Table
Oh that’s just the Dessert Table, look at the presentation!

What’s so special about deli hub? For one, they have an amazing make you salivate variety of cuisine to choose from with international and local flavours! Here’s to name a few must try that is not your typical buffet spread: Wagyu Beef Sliders, Kueh Pie Tee (Live Station), Seared Hokkaido Scallop, Pistachio Madeleine, Smoked Salmon Tartare with Tobiko.

3 Delicious Cuisines in 1
3 excellent cuisines here, smoke salmon at the front, followed by wagyu beef slider and furthest is the seared Hokkaido scallop!

On top of that they do serve your classic buffet spread and with the option of live stations where the chef prepares your meals in front of you, the buffet catering experience has gone to the next level!

What’s more, they are hala certified!


2. The Shake Affinity

The Shake Affinity Bar Mobile Bar Setup

Despite primary focusing on being a beverage catering service (they will make your night fun!), the shake affinity does have food options available. Some of the standouts include a BBQ station, Gourmet popcorn station, Churros station, old school kacang puteh station (must try!) which continues their concept of being ‘mobile’ anywhere!

Mobile Bar in a Van

What’s more, their main service, mobile bar counters has 5 variations to choose! From their pop-up bar, free flow bar (everyone’s favourite!), corporate bar, cash & tab bar, kombi bar that’s sure to suit any occasion!

3. Lushplatters

Lushplatters buffet table setup
Perfect for a more elaborate celebration.

Don’t we all love the word platter? Colloquially known as ‘massive amount of food on a single plate’, Lushplatters is exactly as their name implies, a myriad of platters to choose from but with a touch of artistic stylised presentation that’s sure to enhance the event atmosphere. Their platters are known for being stealing the limelight of the event with a lineup of unique cuisine.

Standouts from lushplatters include all cheese platter, chalked full of protein platter, crudites + fruit platter.

Lushplatters artistic platter spread
THAT presentation will sure enhance any atmosphere of an event/occasion!

Plus point, their dessert bar is also equally artistic with a wide variety to choose from chocolate ganache tartlets to beetroot, coconut and cashew bliss balls to name a few.

Its good to have choices in buffet catering!

It’s no secret that buffet catering has become stale with the usual cuisines, apart from their minute variations, they generally are the same all round. But with these 3 exotic buffet catering providers, they will sure enhance any celebratory occasion, corporate functions & events with their exotic cuisine!

Let us know if we did miss out any that you feel worthy to be listed here! And don’t forget to capture your foodie moments to share with the world! Tag us on our socials TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Xiao Hong Shu and share with us your recommendations and reviews there too!

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