Kemuri BBQ Must-Try Delicious Smokin’ Jap-Texas Fusion, Opened by 26yr old Founder of Baconking

I was on the hunt for some good, smoked hearty meat, and boy, did I hit the hidden gem jackpot at Kemuri BBQ in Balestier Plaza! This place is like a flavour fusion festival, where Texan barbecue vibes meet the finesse of Japanese cooking. Let me take you through my meaty escapade at this cozy joint that’s dishing out Singapore’s first-ever Texan-Japanese cuisine.

Founded by 26-year old Davis, boss of, Kemuri BBQ was founded to provide high quality BBQ food to more Singaporeans at affordable prices. It was very heart warming as I saw Davis’s parents also helping him out in his establishment. I highly encourage everyone to support-local and give Kemuri BBQ a visit! You will definitely be very impressed!

Kemuri Tex Jap BBQ Resturant Front

Texas Trio: Meaty Meltdown Magic – MUST TRY

Texas trio (short rib, bacan rib, shoulder steak)
– ‘Epitome of smoked meat excellence’, perfect for sharing

The Texas Trio at Kemuri BBQ is an epitome of smoked meat excellence, earning its title as the best-smoked meat selection. Starting with the Short Rib, the meat reveals a mesmerising display of tenderness, exuding a very smokey aroma. Its balanced content of fat and meat, coupled with a melt-in-the-mouth quality and a delightful pinkish hue, makes it an exceptionally good choice.

The Bacon Rib, house-made and cured for seven days, emits a tantalising fragrance from its fats. It strikes a perfect balance between savoury, sweet, smoky, and salty flavours. Despite its thickness, it remains remarkably tender and boasts a pinkish hue, offering a flavour symphony that’s both rich and enticing.

The Shoulder Steak, exhibiting a pinkish colour, showcases a firmer texture without compromising tenderness. The well-grilled and smoked layers of meat unfold in an individual shred display, portraying a thoughtful preparation where each meat layer retains its distinctiveness.

Significantly less salty, the nuanced seasoning contributes to a well-rounded flavour profile that sets this Texas Trio apart as a must-try indulgence, perfect for sharing and savouring the artistry of smoked meats. To elevate the experience, the delicious mustard and Texas red sauces provide the perfect accompaniment, enhancing the overall delight of this barbecue masterpiece. Kemuri BBQ crafts their sauerkraut and pickles in-house, infusing tangy, zesty delights that perfectly complement the smoky richness of their meats.

Grilled Mackerel with Tobiko Beurre Blanc: Seafood Symphony

Grilled mackerel
If you like eating fish skin, this will delight your taste buds. Perfect harmonious blend of crunchiness with the tender meat texture.

Imbued with a delightful Tobiko beurre blanc, this dish showcases a perfect balance of textures and flavours. The mackerel itself is remarkably tender, with a luxurious moistness that enhances every bite. The smokiness imparts a depth of flavour, complemented by a skilfully crisped skin that adds a satisfying crunch.

What stands out is the harmonious absence of excessive saltiness, allowing the inherent sweetness of the fish to shine through. The sauce, a concoction of fragrant Tobiko, buttery richness, and nuanced notes reminiscent of onion cheese, unveils a savoury-sweet symphony that elevates the overall experience. The sauce is homemade as well!

I have tried grilled Japanese Mackerels before but it never tasted as good as how Davis prepared it. The depth of smokiness that complimented so well with the natural flavour of the Mackerel allowed the taste to be immensely tasty.

Smoked Brisket Donburi: Thick, Tender, and Totally Tasty!

Smoked Beef Brisket Donburi
– ’12-hour smoked beef brisket’

The Smoked Beef Brisket Donburi was like a flavour explosion in my mouth. Picture this: 12-hour smoked beef brisket on a comfy bed of Furikake rice, topped with an onsen egg, kimchi, pickled radish, and Japanese demi-glace. The brisket was the highlight β€” not tough at all, surprisingly soft, and oh-so-smoky. It wasn’t too salty, just right with that Japanese demi glace.

Kemuri BBQ 100% woodsmoke

100% wood smoked at its best quality. I thought that I was pretty good at BBQing food but after tasting what Kemuri was able to deliver, I think there is a lot more work to be done for me.

The onsen egg was silky, the kimchi added a spicy kick, and the pickled radish was a tangy surprise. And let’s not forget the buttery corn. Seriously, if you’re a meat and beef lover, this is well-balanced for everyone’s perfect lunch!

Smoked Pulled Pork Donburi: A Peppered Porky Pleasure!

Smoked Pulled Pork Donburi
– ‘Slightly peppery, and every shred of pork is seasoned to perfection’

Now, if you’re not into beef, the Smoked Pulled Pork Donburi is your go-to. It’s slightly peppery, and every shred of pork is seasoned to perfection. The pulled pork wasn’t dry at all; in fact, it was so good that even if you can’t do beef, this one’s a winner. I believe that the pulled pork was seasoned with a very flavourful rub before smoking as you could taste that the pork absorbed the rich, earthy flavours of the wood used in smoking, adding depth to the overall taste.Β 

The pork was tender and had a succulent texture. It had a near melt-in-your-mouth gentleness. The umami flavour from their home-made sauce enhanced the overall flavour experience and adds a savoury, mouthwatering quality to the pulled pork. Their sticky rice had absorbed the juices from the pork and sauce, providing a pleasant contrast to the bold and smoky meat. The onsen egg, kimchi, pickled radish, and Japanese barbecue sauce made it a flavour party in a bowl.Β 

Thick-Cut Bacon: More Than Just a Bacon Love Story – MUST TRY

Thick Cut Bacon
Not your typical slice of Bacon, it is THICK.

The Thick-Cut Bacon at Kemuri BBQ is a testament to the artistry of bacon-making. It’s not just a side dish; it’s a revelation of what bacon can be when treated with care and culinary finesse.

I was so embarrassed as the usual smoked bacon I bought was from Fairprice or Cold Storage. This dish may look simple but it’s taste blew my mind

From the perfect balance of saltiness to the marriage of crisp and tender, this bacon is an embodiment of the craft, making it a must-try for bacon enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Don’t just eat bacon; experience it at KemuriΒ  BBQ.

Embark on a flavour Adventure: Kemuri BBQ’s Fusion Delights

Texas Trio Meat Tenderness
We’ll let the cut do the talking.

Kemuri BBQ is more than a restaurant; it’s a flavour adventure where each dish unfolds a tale of meticulous preparation and a passion for the art of barbecue. From the richness of Texan smoked meats to the precision of Japanese culinary techniques, this fusion hotspot in Balestier Plaza deserves a spot on every food lover’s must-try list.

Address: 400 Balestier Rd, #01-41 Balestier Plaza, Singapore 329802

Operating Hours: 11.00am – 10pm all days except Monday, 11.00am – 3pm

Reservation:Β or +65 94666919

Kemuri BBQ Socials: InstagramΒ | Facebook

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