Probably the Best Tiramisu and Fudgy Brownie Hidden Gem in Singapore – Tiramizus De Sensare

I’ve stumbled upon hidden gem Tiramizus De Sensare for tiramisu and brownie enthusiastsβ€”a haven that every sweet tooth and cake lover should mark on their map! Nestled in Thomson V TWO, amidst the Upper Thomson shops, a mere 2-minute stroll from Upper Thomson MRT Station, exit 3, and a swift elevator descent to level B3, lies the delightful Tiramizus De Sensare!

This is where the regulars gather, indulging in their favorite tiramisu and brownie delights.


Magical Tiramisu

Tiramizus De Sensare weaves its tiramisu magic using 100% mascarpone cheese and savoiardi biscuits, elegantly immersed in espresso with a splash of real liquor. Unlike other tiramisu varieties that often leave me feeling “jelat” (a local term for being sick of something after consuming too much), likely due to whipped cream and gelatin, this tiramisu is a revelation.Β 


It delicately dissolves in my mouth, light yet bursting with flavour. The savoury touch of the cheese balances the sweetness just right. Every biscuit piece soaks up the espresso and liquor infusion, featuring hints of Rum and Kualah.



The balance between the espresso and liquor is perfection, and the aromatic symphony literally envelops my senses with each heavenly mouthful. This, my friends, is the epitome of tiramisu excellence!



Beyond the cup versions, the tiramisu extends its glory in a 400g box, 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch cakes. A special mention goes to the heart-shaped tiramisu cake, a captivating treat requiring pre-order. To cater to all tastes, there are non-alcoholic renditions for the purists and, for enthusiasts like myself, the booze-infused version awaits, boasting an alcohol content 200% to 300% higher.

Brace yourself for a tingling experience, as if a wave of alcohol heat is ascending “up your nose” with every bite, akin to the kick of wasabi.

Rich and Fudgy Brownie


And don’t let the brownie escape your attention! Crafted with 60% dark chocolate couverture, Tiramizus De Sensare’s brownie flaunts a crispy exterior enveloping a super fudgy core. Each bite unveils the rich embrace of dark chocolate, and it’s evident that these brownies are generously laden with the cocoa delight. Unlike the overly cakey, dry, or excessively sweet brownies from other places, these brownies beckon for multiple servings.

Even though these brownies are incredibly fudgy and moist, they manage to strike a perfect balance without being too heavy or sweet. The interplay of crispiness and fudginess in every bite is a testament to the art of creating a flawless brownie. And for my fellow vegans, there’s a vegan version that’s just as delightful! Pair these brownies with vanilla ice cream for an extra treat.

Visit this Hidden Gem

Whether you seek to appease your sweet tooth or carve out a moment for relaxation and a sweet treat, you should visit Tiramizus De Sensare! Celebrate every occasion with these heavenly cakes and pastries, choosing tiramisu and brownie to sprinkle sweetness into your loved ones’ day.


To sweeten the deal, there’s a weekend promo that’s an absolute stealβ€”brownie with vanilla ice cream plus brewed coffee at only $6! Indulge, savor, and treat yourself to a symphony of flavors at Tiramizus De Sensare! You can take away and enjoy every bite in the comfort of your own place too.


“Elevate your Christmas with Tiramizus De Sensare and Dancing Elephant Ice Cream! Indulge in a Bundle of Joy – 2 each 60g tiramisu cups in Original, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Matcha, and Oreo flavours, perfectly paired with handcrafted Dark Chocolate (1 pint) or Eggnog ice cream (1 pint). Unwrap the magic, savour the joy – a limited-edition celebration of sweet moments!

Tiramizus De Sensare Christmas Promotion

Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, B3-09(unit 10), S(575629) Thomson V TWO

Refer to Tiramizus De Sensare’s website for online purchases.

Operating hours: Monday-Friday CLOSED (Only online purchase) | Saturday 12–6β€―pm | Sunday 12–6β€―pm

Socials: Facebook (TiramizusDeSensare) | Instagram (tiramizus_de_sensare)

Socials: Instagram | Facebook

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