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As a devoted food enthusiast, I recently had the pleasure of discovering Rama IX Thai Kitchen, nestled in the heart of Singapore. This restaurant isn’t just a place to enjoy Thai cuisine; it’s a gateway to Thailand’s traditions. Its dedication to creating an authentic Thai dining experience sets it apart. With a team of Thai chefs and staff who are experts in the art of Thai cuisine, they ensure that every dish brings genuine Thai flavours to your palate.

Rama IX Thai Kitchen’s convenient location next to Taiseng MRT makes it accessible for both locals and travelers, offering a quick and easy way to savour the authentic tastes of Thailand. It’s an enticing journey that allows you to step off the train and immerse yourself in Thai cuisine. In this article, I’ll share my personal experience and the exceptional dishes that made my visit truly memorable.

Thai Curry Crabmeat – Must Try

The Thai Curry Crabmeat was a delightful symphony of flavours. The sweet, aromatic curry sauce enveloped a generous amount of succulent crab, creating a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury. The addition of soft scrambled eggs and the crunchiness of onions and capsicum added layers of texture and flavour, making this dish a must-try for any Thai food enthusiast.

This dish is not easily found in many Thai Food restaurants as it is not often seen in the menu. Pairing their Thai Curry Crabmeat with rice was simply amazing.

Prawn Cake – Must Try

Don’t think this is just any prawn cake! There is a reason why all their customers will definitely order this prawn cake. Additionally, this is also the must order that was recommended by the boss of Rama Thai. It was definitely different from what I was expecting and I am very impressed.

The Prawn Cake at Rama IX Thai Kitchen is genuinely unique. I’ve dined at numerous Thai restaurants, but the prawn cakes here stand out as the best I’ve ever had. The prawn cake meat was incredibly delicious and savoury, encased in a perfectly crispy batter. With each bite, it felt like I was savouring a homemade delicacy, making me feel right at home. It doesn’t taste oily as well.

Crab Omelette Fried Rice

For those craving a comforting and satisfying Thai meal, the Crab Omelette Fried Rice is the answer. Generous amounts ofΒ  crab meat, and a velvety omelette elevated this fried rice to a whole new level of goodness. It’s the kind of dish that makes you appreciate the art of Thai cuisine. The fried rice can rival DTF egg fried rice – it’s very fragrant, and the rice isn’t sticky. The omelette pairs very well with the fried rice, and the generous serving of crab meat adds to the delight.

Thai Braised Pork Leg – Must TryΒ 

My eyes truly lit up when I took the first bite of the Thai Braised Pork Leg. The whole pork leg meat was exceptionally tender, and the braised sauce was fragrant and full of flavor. Accompanied by crunchy Kailan and a perfectly braised egg, it felt like this dish had been stewing and simmering for hours, creating a depth of taste that is simply divine. The meat literally melts in your mouth, with no unpleasant odours, and a slightly sweet taste. The braised flavour penetrates deep into the meat, making every bite incredibly flavourful as the taste bursts forth.

Garlic Prawn

The Garlic Prawn was a dish with an infusion of garlic sauce, sprinkled fried garlic, and fresh coriander as a delightful topping. Each bite was a burst of flavour, and the prawns were very fresh, maintaining their succulence and flavour throughout.

I was expecting it to be just fried prawns with dry fried garlic but instead was greeted with fried fresh prawns with garlic sauce. The prawns were very well prepared, not over-fried, and the meat was tender without any unpleasant aftertaste. The garlic sauce complemented the prawns wonderfully, with neither taste being overpowering. Overall, it was very well-balanced in terms of taste and textures.

Thai Steamed Seabass with Lime (Pla Neung Manao)Β 

The Thai Steamed Seabass with Lime was a refreshing and well-balanced dish. The sour and spicy elements were harmoniously blended, creating a zesty yet not overpowering flavour. The sea bass absorbed the flavours of the sauce, making each bite a refreshing delight.

Thai Fish Maw Soup – Must Try

The Thai Fish Maw Soup was a hearty and comforting option on the menu. It featured a generous amount of fish maw, crab meat, mushrooms, carrots, and quail eggs. The soup had a smooth and velvety texture reminiscent of the classic shark fin soup base, and the flavours were simply delicious.

It was the first time I tried Thai Style Fish maw soup and I would highly recommend you guys to add a little vinegar! It might bring the taste to a whole new level.

Papaya Salad (Som Tum)

The Papaya Salad was a fresh and vibrant dish with a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. The mix of ingredients, including tomatoes, long beans, papaya, and carrots, offered a delightful and authentic Thai taste.

Authentic and Delicious Thai Food

Rama IX Thai Kitchen at Grantall Mall is a treasure trove for those seeking authentic Thai cuisine. If you’re craving genuine Thai food and a memorable dining experience, it’s well worth the trip. Whether you’re planning a special night out or simply looking for a convenient place to enjoy a meal with family and friends, Rama IX Thai Kitchen offers a blend of authenticity, accessibility, and delectable flavours that will transport you to the heart of Thailand, right in the heart of Singapore.

Rama IX Thai Kitchen
601 Macpherson Road #01-66 Grantral Mall

Opening Hours:
Sunday – Friday10:30β€―am – 9β€―pm | Saturday Closed

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