A Memorable Halal-Certified Asian Food CanapΓ©s Buffet with Delihub

From the rustic-themed setup to the delectable cuisine, Delihub surpassed all my expectations and left a lasting impression on my guests. In every event that we go to or organise, we all share a common desire – to have the finest food for our guests and a setup that perfectly complements the theme of the occasion.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting an Asian food and wine pairing event, and my choice of caterer, Delihub, was an absolute winner.Β 

Delihub, established in 2004, boasts an impressive 19 years of experience in the catering industry. As the first halal-certified brand under Neo Group, they take immense pride in serving high-quality buffet food infused with a diverse range of international and local flavours.

Let’s delve into the delightful culinary journey that Delihub took us on at my recent event. I was genuinely astonished by the exquisite canapΓ©s they presented, each piece a work of art in both taste and presentation. Delihub’s selection included eight canapΓ©s crafted by Delihub and one live station to engage my guests and infuse life into the buffet section.

Smoked Duck with Truffle Mash

The Smoked Duck Roll with Idaho Potato and Truffle Oil, garnished with Red Vein Sorrel, was a sublime experience. The savoury duck and silky mash, elevated by the truffle, created a delightful harmony of flavours.

French Onion Tartlet

The French Onion Tartlet, featuring caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar, puffed quinoa, and pea tendrils, was a delightful blend of crunch and flavour. This was a healthy and delicious treat.

Smoked Salmon Tartare with Tobiko

For a refreshing palate cleanser, the Smoked Salmon Tartare with Tobiko and Citrus Mayo was an excellent choice. The freshness of the salmon and the burst of flavour from the Tobiko made this canapΓ© a real crowd-pleaser.

Seared Hokkaido Scallops

The Pan-Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Lumpfish Caviar, Citrus Mayo, and Charcoal Blinis was a dish to remember. The premium quality of the scallops and the delightful caviar made this canapΓ© a true delicacy.

Pistachio Madeleine with Raspberry Glaze

If you have a sweet tooth, the Pistachio Madeleine with Raspberry Glaze will surely satisfy your cravings. The soft madeleine with a refreshing raspberry glaze was a delightful combination.

Fruit Tartlet

The Mixed Berries Fruit Tartlet with Crème Patissier and Sugar Glaze offered a refreshing and not overly sweet dessert option. Fresh fruits and a well-balanced sweetness made this a delightful choice.

Beef Slider

The Wagyu Beef Slider with caramelized onions, American cheese, and a sesame bun was a miniature burger with big flavours. Soft buns, tender beef, and generous ingredients made this a cute and delicious treat.

Kueh Pie Tee (Live Station)

The live station with freshly served Kueh Pie Tee was a hit at the event. The well-paired ingredients and the optional sambal on the side allowed guests to customize their Kueh Pie Tee to their liking. The result? A satisfying, non-greasy, and crispy delight.


Delihub’s culinary expertise and attention to detail left a lasting impression on my guests at the Asian food and wine pairing event. Their dedication to quality and innovation shone through in every dish, making it a memorable experience. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Delihub’s catering services are sure to elevate your event to the next level. I can’t recommend them enough!

Delihub offers a versatile array of catering options to suit various occasions. Their Classic Buffet is perfect for lavish celebrations with a wide selection of dishes, ideal for gatherings of over 30 people. The Mini Buffet is designed for cozier gatherings, accommodating as few as 10 guests with a choice of up to 9 dishes. Delihub also offers Live Stations, where skilled chefs prepare over 50 dishes right before your eyes, adding a dynamic element to your event. The Tea Reception and Corporate/Seminar packages provide extensive buffet setups for larger gatherings. Cocktail Reception and Live Station were my choices in the recent event, adding a symphony of flavours and a dynamic experience.

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