10 Breathtaking Sea View Restaurants in Singapore

Looking for romantic sea view restaurants to impress your date or to just chill while enjoying the sea breeze? Singapore is also home to some spectacular seaview restaurants that promise not just a feast for your taste buds but also a visual treat for your eyes. Join me on an adventure as we explore 10 Seaview restaurants in Singapore, each offering a unique dining experience with stunning sea views.

1. Georges (Changi Sailing Club Outlet)

Seaview at Georges Restaurant Singapore

Georges, nestled within Changi Sailing Club, welcomes you with its rustic charm and friendly ambiance.

If you are looking for a respite from the vibrant urban energy of Singapore, the peaceful Seaview provides a perfect escape. The view from Georges shows you the tranquil waters that stretch out endlessly, offering a serene vista that soothes the soul. The gently swaying palm trees along the coastline create a harmonious fusion of nature and city life, and the rhythmic sound of waves gently lapping the shore serves as a comforting backdrop. Looking at how the little sailboats move with the small waves just lifts off every stress you face in the bustling Singapore life.

If you are here with a date in the evening, the unblocked sun set sky becomes a canvas of fiery oranges and soft pinks, casting a warm, romantic glow over the tranquil sea. Bring your date to Georges to experience one of the most romantic date you can have in Singapore.

Cuisine: Breakfast, Chinese, and Western

With over 300 items on the menu, Georges offers an extensive variety that caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. It ensures that there is something for everyone, making it an inclusive dining experience. From dishes in their Chinese menu, such as Black Pepper Crabs, to Western foods like Escargot Bourguignonne and Baby Pork Ribs, this restaurant offers a delightful fusion of flavours from around the world, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Some of the MUST-TRY are Georges Cop The Lot Burger, which is made with home-made beef patty with melted cheese & bacon between a brioche bun, Braised Lamb Shank, and Beer Battered Fish n Chips. Don’t miss their local-inspired tapas menu featuring Chicken Curry and Sotong Balls as well!

Imagine after a morning exercise, enjoying breakfast in this serene sea view restaurant becomes a cherished ritual, a perfect fusion of culinary pleasure and the beauty of the coastal setting. Georges serves breakfast as well!

Georges Changi Sailing Club Breakfast Menu

With food items like George’s Big Breakfast, which includes eggs served with toast, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, sautΓ©ed mushrooms, bacon, pork sausage, and baked beans, the menu offers a hearty and satisfying morning feast for any appetite.

Address: 32, Netheravon Road, Changi Sailing Club, Singapore 508508
Damage: $

2. Stella Seaside Lounge

Cuisine: Western

Stella Seaside Lounge offers an exquisite beachfront dining experience along the Changi coast. With multiple seating options, including a seaside deck and infinity area, it’s perfect for both daytime and evening visits. The all-day dinner menu ensures you can savor their delectable Western cuisine while enjoying the sea breeze.

Address: 11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740
Damage: $$

3. Ku-Kai Izakaya

Cuisine: Japanese Skewers and Japanese food

Hidden within the SAF Yacht Club in Admiralty, Ku-Kai Izakaya is a serene spot to unwind by the water’s edge. Whether you choose al fresco dining or indoor comfort, you’ll relish Japanese skewers and other Japanese delicacies while basking in the sunset’s glow.

Ku-Kai Izakaya SAF yatch club


Address: SAF Yacht Club (43 Admiralty Road West)
Damage: $

4. Offshore Bar & Grill

Address: Seafood Barbecue

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle at Offshore Bar & Grill, located at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Indulge in a sumptuous seafood barbecue with free-flow drinks while gazing at the Strait of Singapore. It’s a slice of local life where you can savour fresh seafood and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Buffet starts at $49.90++ per person. Enjoy two complimentary oysters per person.

Address: #01-02 Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Rd, Singapore 498833
Damage: $$

5. Prive Grill

Cuisine: Asian, Western, and Italian

Prive Grill, situated on Singapore’s only private island – Keppel Bay, offers a laidback atmosphere and a menu that spans Asian, Western, and Italian cuisine. It’s a family-friendly venue complete with an outdoor playground, making it an ideal spot for a casual meal by the water’s edge.

Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382
Damage: $$$

6. Marina Bistro

Cuisine: Asian and Western

Marina Bistro is probably one of the lesser heard of sea view restaurants as it is located in the far west of Singapore. However, for people who are looking for a quiet dining place to enjoy the sunset, food, have a good chat with your date or even do your work, Marina Bistro is perhaps the perfect location for you. Dining at Marina Bistro is an outdoor lover’s dream, with a poolside setting and a breathtaking lagoon view. This restaurant serves up a delightful mix of Asian and Western delicacies and regularly features enticing monthly promotions.

Address: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404
Damage: $

7. Enak Enak Restaurant

Cuisine: Singaporean, Zi Char, Dim Sum, and Western

Established in 2005, Enak Enak Restaurant offers an extensive menu that includes Singaporean dishes, zi char seafood, handmade dim sum, and Western favorites. Be sure to try their Enak Enak Chilli Crab, a local favourite.

Their fried carrot cake or XO carrot cake is a must try! Make sure to be there early as they are usually packed!Β 

Address: 1202 East Coast Park, #01-01, Singapore 449881
Damage: $

8. Monti At 1-Pavilion Italian Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

Cuisine: Italian

Monti At 1-Pavilion is a sleek and sexy Italian restaurant with panoramic views of Marina Bay. It’s the perfect place to savor the taste of Italy while enjoying the stunning Singapore skyline. For those that are willing to take out more from your wallet, Monti might be your preferred choice. Overlooking the CBD and Marina waters, savoring exquisite atas food, and appreciating the night lights of Singapore.

Address: 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327
Damage: $$$$

9. Changi Beach Seafood Paradise

Cuisine: Seafood

Nestled in Changi Beach Club, this bright and spacious restaurant is a seafood paradise. Enjoy the freshest seafood in town, including signature dishes like chilli crab and braised goose web. Seafood paradise being one of the most known brands for Chinese Seafood Cuisine in Singapore, you can be assured of its quality and taste. Seafood paradise is also one of the most often visited seafood restaurants in Singapore by tourists.Β 

Address: 2 Andover Rd, Singapore 509984
Damage: $$$

10. Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Seaview

Cuisine: Halal Cuisine

Rasa Istimewa Woodlands Waterfront offers a unique dining experience on an existing jetty with breathtaking views of both Johor and Singapore shores. They serve a wide array of delicious Halal cuisine, promoting a sense of unity among diners. Enjoy the feeling of eating above waters! The restaurant is located within walking distance from woodlands waterfront park’s entrance!Β 

Address: 6A Admiralty Rd W, Singapore 757445
Damage: $

These 10 seaview restaurants in Singapore not only enhance your taste buds but also provide a feast for your eyes with their stunning waterfront views. Whether you’re a seafood lover, a fan of Japanese cuisine, or simply looking for a tranquil place to unwind, these restaurants offer something for everyone. Enjoy the flavours and sceneries that Singapore has to offer in these culinary gems by the sea.

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