5 Famous Douhua 豆花 Beancurd Dessert Shops in Singapore You Must Try

Fan of Beancurd aka Tau Huay aka Douha aka Tau Fu Fah? We’ve got you covered here! Here’s 5 Beancurd eateries you must try! Including a famous one from Malaysia (Beans.Factory) that recently just opened in Singapore in January 2023!

First thing, if you’ve somehow never known about this sweet dessert, it’s known for its delicate, custard-like texture, the beancurd dessert is a canvas for a wide array of flavours and toppings! It’s often served warm, drizzled with a choice of syrups, from floral Osmanthus to rich brown sugar (My favourite). Toppings range from chewy pearls of tapioca to the crunch of roasted nuts and even Taro yam balls. Ultimately, Beancurd is enjoyed by many especially in both Singapore and Malaysia, either as a dessert or sweet refreshing side dish to combat the afternoon hot sun (especially if you get the shave ice version).

1. Beans Factory

Beans Factory 100AM Outlet Storefront

Beans.factory is known to craft the perfect bowl of Beancurd dessert and something that is unique about them that is different from many other soybean curd dessert places is that other than their shaved ice desserts, the making process of their desserts does not involve the use of any cow milk.

They have 2 outlets in Singapore! One is located near Tanjong Pagar and another near Bidadari. There’s more than 10 toppings to choose from and different bases apart from the quintessential Beancurd pudding, you get Shaved Soya Ice (our favourite), grass jelly and their aiyu series to customise! 

Beans.factory Signature tau fu fah, Reunion Tau Fu Fah, Yam Yam on soya ice, Aiyu ice jelly

Noteworthy is that their beancurd is soy based only compared to those out there which uses milk powder, you’ll be getting the legitimate experience of eating a true Beancurd pudding. This also means their Beancurd is vegetarian friendly!

Can’t eat cold versions? Worry not, Beans Factory does offer warm Beancurd pudding as well, there’s also an unsweetened warm version that can be offered to those whom can’t consume sweetness!

Beans Factory Soy Shaved Ice with Taro Ball

The best part? Their signature soya shaved ice, if you’re a fan if this you know there’s no options, none at all for this before Beans Factory came along, the only way to get your fix is to travel to Johor! Now it’s within easy reach without having to travel across the border!


Their “Yam Yam on Soya Ice” (Bottom left of the collage photo) is one of the most worth-it dessert! Because Yam paste, or “Or Nee” is very hard to make and very expensive served in Chinese restaurants! The combination with their fresh Soya Shaved Ice is simply amazing!

Must Try : Other than their Beancurd Dessert, Seriously get their Signature soya shaved ice base, coupled with taro yam balls, you won’t regret it on a hot sunny day or even after a day of work to cool off!

Two outlets in Singapore at 100AM mall & Woodleigh Mall.

100 Tras St, #01-13A 100 AM mall, Singapore 079027
11 Bidadari Park Dr,  Woodleigh Mall,B1-K43/K44, Singapore 367803

2. Selegie Soyabean

Selegie Soya Bean Storefront

Nestled strategically in the heart of Singapore, Selegie Soyabean has been a cherished dessert eatery for generations. This iconic establishment is renowned for its time-honored tradition of crafting soybean-based delights that cater to both nostalgia and contemporary palates!

Selegie Soya Bean Dishes

Must Try : Their signature Tau Huay aka Beancurd (both hot and cold), a silky smooth tofu pudding served with a choice of traditional sweet syrups like gula malacca.

Another irresistible treat is their Fried Crispy YouTiao, showcasing the perfect balance of crunch and tenderness, pairs perfectly well with their Soy Pudding! If you’re in the mood for something savory, their Portuguese egg tart is not to be missed as well.

They have 6 outlets in total, the one listed below is in the heart of Singapore!

102 Towner Rd, #01-278, Singapore 322102

3. Rochor Original Beancurd

Rochor Original Beancurd Storefront

Rochor Original Beancurd is nestled in the vibrant streets of Singapore. They are a beloved culinary icon known for serving up delectable soybean treasures that have stood the test of time, also serving multiple generations of patrons.

They started all the way back in 1960s! The passionate voices of a thousand patrons in Google reviews attest to this establishment’s unwavering commitment to traditional flavours and its must-try dishes.

Rochor Original Beancurd Dishes

Must Try : Their Tau Huay is Rochor Original Beancurd’s signature silky-smooth tofu pudding, is also a crowd favorite.

If you’re seeking a delightful contrast in textures, their You Tiao (fried dough fritters) are an absolute must. Dip them in your Tau Huay or enjoy them as a crispy side. Rochor Original Beancurd has, without a doubt, earned its place as a time-honored Beancurd eatery frequented by many Singaporeans across multiple generations!

2 Short St, Singapore 188211

4. Chinese Tofu Magician

Chinese Tofu Magician Vivo Outlet

Here’s an interesting one, with amazing name comes an amazing menu! Chinese Tofu Magician are more well known for their soy milk tea! Established in 2021, they have an extensive menu on soy milk tea that’s coupled with jade balls on top!

However while most try out their soy milk tea, they do also offer Beancurd on their menu with rarely seen seaweed floss topping!

Seaweed Floss Beancurd

Must Try : Golden Sugar Beancurd, Mango Pomelo Beancurd, Seaweed Floss Beancurd. The last one is a must try! You do not see seaweed floss offered on any other eateries!

60 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-51 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-135 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

5. Soylicious

Soylicious storefront
You might have missed it during your visit to bukit timah food center!

Nestled in bukit timah market & food center (this place has lots of famous eateries!), the Beancurds produced here are more towards Beans.Factory style (without shaved ice of course, only Beans Factory offers that!).

Best part is the Beancurs are affordable and comes with generous toppings! You also might want to just have the simple Beancurd itself. On another note, there are not many stalls selling Beancurd coupled with Riceballs so it is one to get too!

Soylicious Beancurd with Taro Balls

Must Try : Beancurd with Riceballs, Traditional Beancurd or add with taro yam balls!

Address: 51 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-166, Singapore 588215

To Beancurd Lovers

Are you excited and salivating at the list of Beancurds to try? When in doubt, try them all! especially on Beans Factory, it’s not always you have a shaved ice version coming from up north where all these while it’s been the traditional Beancurd pudding in Singapore!

Shiok Eats challenges you to visit them all! Just make sure you take us in your instagram stories!

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