5 Best Malatang (麻辣汤) in Singapore for Malatang Lovers!

Malatang, who knew it’ll be such a great alternative to the dry version? Dare we say it, it takes a certain level of love to appreciate Malatang! Lets start from Mala Xiang Guo, it’s the quintessential go to dish for spiciness that originated from northern China, Dongbei (东北)  or depending on other sources, from Chongqing (重庆) China.

With the OG Mala store Piao Xiang Mala @ 313Somerset opening in 2009, followed shortly by Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo in 2011, Mala Xiang Guo quickly became a stable in the diet of Singaporeans, achieving one of the must have supper dishes to have as well! But, we’re not here for the history lesson which itself can be a whole new article, we’re here for the best list of Malatang in Singapore!

Usually, mala xiang guo is eaten in the dry version but this writer likes the soup version more (there’s something about the savoury broth rich in chilli, hint of sourness that makes you simply want more) so here’s 5 Best Malatang (麻辣汤) in Singapore for Malatang Lovers!

1.Wan Xing Mala Hotpot

Wang Xing Mala Storefront

Opened in 2019, Wan Xing Mala Soup has an excellent broth that makes you want more! There’s a wide variety of ingredients to choose from but choosing the pork belly, chicken, lettuce and black fungus definitely added taste to the broth! There’s also a fully air conditioned seating area so to sweat out the spiciness in comfort! Be sure to ask for extra soup!

Wan Xing Mala Tang Soup Base

Tip: Ask for Xiao la or low spiciness to fully enjoy the soup!

Wan Xin Mala Hotpot
Contact: 98873317
Address: 1006 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534744

2. A Hot Hideout @ Sembawang

A hot Hideout Storefront

Probably the newest on this list, A Hot Hideout offers something truly unique in it’s mala. It’s soup is superbly tasty with a generous amount! The biggest compliment to their dishes (not just their mala) is their fried potato, fried fish and scramble egg! You’ll pick them like any normal mala xiang guo store but this is probably one of the only mala eatery where they cook it differently! The fried potato and fried fish simply gives you a unique texture coupled with the soup! Add on the fluffiness of the scramble egg layered on top, you’re in for a treat!

Another standout is it’s tomato soup as well, which is not Mala but hey they do state they are the new gen!

Mala Tang with Fried Potato
Mala Tang with Fried Potato, Fried Fish, Scamble Eggs? It’s a winning taste combo!

There’s 2 outlets, one at NTU and one at Sembawang.

Tip: Seriously get the fried potato, fried fish and scramble egg,

A Hot Hideout @ Sembawang
60 Nanyang Cres, Blk 20A #03-02, Singapore 636957
369 Sembawang Rd, #01-04, Singapore 758382

3. Yang Guo Fu MalaTang

Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang Storefront

Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang Banner

Nestled within the heart of central, this restaurant brings the electrifying flavours of Mala Tang to the forefront, evoking the sentiments of those who simply can’t get enough!

From the extensive menu featuring a diverse range of ingredients to the famed customisable spice levels with a sauce bar, it’s also famed for its Beef broth that also comes with customisable spice levels. We tried the Beef Broth soup and it is really as good as the reviews say they are! Rich in taste with just the right amount of beef flavours coupled with Mala itself. When we finished it, we wished there was a second serving of the soup base! it’s that good!

One alternative is also tomato soup for those who can’t take spicy stuff, a win win for all foodies! The tomato base soup is thick and savoury with a little sour taste to it. For people who love the tomato steamboat soup base from HDL, I personally feel that their tomato soup base is much better than that.

Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang Ingredients Right
Unfortunately, they do not offer rice!
Yang Guo Fu Beef Broth Mala Tang Dabao
Don’t be fooled by the dabao/takeaway presentation, the beef broth just makes you crave for a second serving!

Tip: Despite it’s ideal location, it can be one of the more expensive options on this list, so if you’re going for the soup, don’t take too many ingredients!

Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang (More than 3 outlets)

201 Victoria St, #01-16 Bugis+, Singapore 188026
10 Eunos Rd 8, #01-150 SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600
Esplanade Xchange, Bras Basah Rd, B1-27 On Top of Esplanade Mrt

4. Homestyle Mala Tang (Beauty World) | 家味麻辣烫

Homestyle Mala Tang Storefront

One of the lesser known Malatang, it might be (dare we say it) a hidden gem! It’s touted for its affordable price and set meal, no doubt due to its non-central location. Their standard mala tang also has different levels of spiciness to choose from. Okay so it’s not really Mala Tang but hey, they are known for their collagen bone base soup too! Best of all, if you add eggs, it’ll come as scrambled made just like a hot hideout!

Tip: Mushroom soup & collagen soup available too for those that can’t take spicy!

Homestyle Mala Tang Menu
Multiple Mala Soup Bases to choose from!

As you can see, they have all sorts of soup bases that will definitely satisfy everyone! It is probably one of the best place to bring friends as you guys can try the various soup bases by ordering the different variety. Beyond just the usual Mala Xiang Guo, they also offer Garlic dry version, which is perfect for people who do not eat spicy. They also offer 6 kinds of soup bases! Their Tom Yum Soup base is pretty interested! What a fusion!

Home Style Mala Tang (Beauty World) | 家味麻辣烫

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-40 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

5. 新加坡张亮麻辣烫 Zhang Liang MaLa Tang

Zhang Liang Mala Tang 6 Soup Bases
6 soup bases to choose from!

Zhang Liang Mala Tang Storefront

There’s a saying that the dry version is better tasting but hey, we’re not here for it! Other than the standard ingredients for Mala, there’s also a condiments section to spice up your taste buds even more! They’re Yang Guo Fu’s main competitor so you’ll know the soup broth is just as good if not more! For people who love spring onion, coriander, raw garlic.. all the awesome condiments where you mix your own sauce dipping sauce in HDL, this would be able to satisfy you greatly.

There’s also a total of 6 soup bases to choose! From Mala Tang, Tomato Soup, Spicy Hot Pot Mushroom Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Rattan Pepper Mala!

Zhang Liang Mala Tang Tomato Soup Base
We tried the tomato soup base here, taste was diluted a bit due to requesting more soup but it’s still a win!
Zhang Liang Mala Tang Freeflow Condiments
Free flow condiments section is always a winner!

Tip: Get the condiments! It’s free flow!

Zhang Liang Mala Tang (3 outlets total)

3 Pickering St, Singapore 048660
200 Victoria Street 01-90/91 Bugis Junction, 188021
10 Tampines Central 1, #01-58, Singapore 529536

It’s no secret for the past few years Malatang has been exceptionally popular both as a dinner time & supper time meal, it’s unique taste especially the soup versions simply makes you want to keep sipping on and on! Let us know if we did miss out any that you feel worthy to be listed here! And don’t forget to capture your foodie moments to share with the world! Tag us on our socials TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Xiao Hong Shu and share with us your recommendations and reviews there too!

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