Beans.Factory: Crafting the Perfect Bowl of Super Shiok Soy Dessert

In the middle of Woodleigh mall surrounded by a variety of stores, a spot where many people were sitting in the cozy ambiance of the Beans.Factory having their desserts, made my taste buds tingle with anticipation. Founded in 2021 in Malaysia, Beans.Factory had garnered quite a reputation in a short span of time for their dedication to creating delectable soy-based desserts or dou hua or beancurd, the term we’re familiar with, and I was eager to see what the buzz was all about.

Something that is unique about them that is different from many other soybean curd dessert places is that other than their shaved ice desserts, the making process of their desserts does not involve the use of any cow milk.

Today, we delve into the heart of Beans.Factory, exploring their perfect bowl of soy bean dessert.Β 

Beans.factory Tau fu fa
Signature Tau Fu Fah

Signature Beans.Factory Tau Fu Fah

I started with their renowned Tau Fu Fah, a silky-smooth beancurd that was simply irresistible. The choice was clear: I went for the Signature Beans Factory Tau Fu Fah. This bowl of indulgence was a masterpiece, featuring plump 100% handmade taro balls, mini colourful taro balls, peach gum and a generous serving of grass jelly.Β 

Beans.Factory takes great pride in their taro balls and taro paste, two integral components of their signature desserts. The process involves meticulous attention to detail: Weight matters β€” Each taro ball is meticulously weighed to ensure uniformity and the perfect chewy texture. The contrast of textures and flavors β€” creamy, chewy, and refreshing all at once made this a true signature dessert at its finest. Beans.Factory’s Taro Balls are 100% handmade and crafted from imported yam. With their innovative Taro Ball Formula, they’ve developed a unique recipe to ensure the taro balls maintain their chewy texture with limited starch powder.

You can choose between a hot or cold option, and either choice would still be perfect.

Beans.Factory Reunion Tau Fu Fah
Reunion Tau Fu Fah

Reunion Tau Fu Fah

Next up we tried the Reunion Tau Fu Fah that includes Tangyuan, sesame ball and peach gum and chilled beancurd. The tangyuan was smooth, soft and it complimented perfectly with the silky smooth bean curd. Together with the sesame ball and peach gum, the flavours were a new combination that I tasted. For desserts lovers who do not prefer Yam, their reunion Tau Fu Fah is the perfect choice for you.

They also provide 3 different liquid toppings – Soy Bean Milk, Brown Sugar, and Ginger, that you can choose to drizzle on your dessert on the side. I love how Beans.Factory is thoughtful to customers who prefers to dictate their level of sweetness in their desserts. Desserts are usually full of sugar and it is rare to find healthy desserts around. Beans.Factory gives you the peace in mind that you are eating desserts that are healthy.Β  Another thing to compliment are their toppings which are free from any artificial colouring agents.Β 

Yam Yam on Soya Ice
A friend hurriedly ate some of the Yam before we could take a picture! Original comes fully covered with it

Yam Yam on the Soya Ice

Because one of our friends were too anxious to try their Yam Yam on the Soya Ice, he hurriedly ate some of it before we could take a nice photo of it. It was served fully covered with their homemade Yam Paste. As you can infer, my friend is a lover for their Yam paste.

In the category of Shaved Ice, the “Yam Yam on the Soya Ice” option had caught my attention since Beans.Factory takes great pride in their taro balls and taro paste, two integral components of their signature desserts. As I watched the staff artfully prepare it, I couldn’t help but marvel at their precision. They shaved the Soya ice to perfection, creating a light and fluffy base.

Then came the yam taro balls and mini tang yuan, along with a luscious drizzle of fresh taro puree. I was really surprised to hear that their taro puree was freshly made daily without any colouring agents, additional powder or preservatives as I know that fresh taro paste was hard to come by. The end result was an amazing symphony of flavours β€” sweet, creamy and cold, yet with that unmistakable taro richness that leaves a really authentic taste which had me scoping for more. This unique Signature Soya Flavoured Shaved Ice offering truly sets them apart from other dessert shops.

In my opinion, this is one of the most worth-it dessert! Because Yam paste, or “Or Nee” is very hard to make and very expensive served in Chinese restaurants! The combination with their fresh Soya Shaved Ice is simply amazing!

Aiyu Ice Dessert

Healthy Honey Lemon Aiyu with Peach Gum

Lastly, I couldn’t resist trying their Healthy Honey Lemon Aiyu with Peach Gum. The aiyu was refreshingly tart, balanced by the sweetness of white pearl and snow nest. And the addition of peach gum added a delightful chewiness. A little bit of lemon slices was just right to make the dessert citrusy and refreshing. Perfect for a hot weather day in Singapore, and refreshing to the taste buds to those who love sour taste like me!

Customise Your Own Dessert!

To make things even better, you can choose to customise your dessert! With all the various toppings like Taro balls, mini Taro balls, Peach Gum, Tang Yuan, Sesame balls, Glass Jelly and more, you can choose what you love on top of your bean curd! Just let the staff know that you would like to customise your dessert.

The Beans.Factory Experience

My visit to Beans.Factory was a delightful adventure that left me with a newfound appreciation for soy-based desserts. Their dessert range is really wide and incredibly versatile as customers can choose from beancurd, shaved ice, grass jelly, and aiyu series, with over ten toppings available for customisation. Like Singapore’s β€œRojak”, they cater to our diverse and multicultural palate, so you can add and try many different combinations to your liking.

The attention to detail, commitment to quality, and dedication to providing vegan-friendly options (Shaved Ice desserts have dairy products) were truly impressive. Beans.Factory is undoubtedly a dessert haven where innovation and tradition come together to create sweet memories that will keep me coming back for more. Beans.Factory offers both chilled and warm versions of beancurd to cater to diverse preferences, so I believe their dessert range is beloved by people of all age groups. Now I can see why this was a beloved place for those seeking a healthy dessert treat. Whether you’re gathering with family or friends, Beans.Factory offers a wholesome unique dessert experience.

11 Bidadari Park Dr, B1-K43/K44, Singapore 367803
100 Tras St, #01-13A 100 AM mall, Singapore 079027
Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30am to 9:30pm, Friday-Sunday to 10pm

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