Chopstix and Rice: Authentic Indonesian Cuisine Serving the Best Rendang In Singapore

Chopstix and Rice is a place that resonates with my love for all things green and inviting. From the moment I step inside, I’m immersed in a refreshing oasis that boasts a clean, sleek, and vibrant ambiance. The predominant green theme, carefully woven into every design element, evokes a sense of serenity and nature. The shades of green, from soft pastels to deep emeralds, create a soothing backdrop that sets the tone for a relaxed dining experience.


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What sets Chopstix & Rice apart is their exceptional head chef, who has been bestowed with the prestigious title of “Master of Rendang.” Renowned for her expertise in crafting tantalizing rendang dishes, she also dazzles guests with an array of chili padis, including the coveted and rare “green belado” that has won the hearts of many spice enthusiasts. Whether you seek a delightful lunchtime adventure or a memorable evening feast, let Chopstix & Rice whisk you away on a flavorful journey through the heart of Indonesian gastronomy.

The Beef Rendang, a personal favourite, never fails to impress with its melt-in-your-mouth texture and an explosion of aromatic spices that linger long after the meal. The spices provide a warm, earthy, and slightly sweet foundation to the dish, giving it an extremely rich and layered flavour profile. This is a must-order when you’re here!

Sayur Lodeh, a bowl of comfort, always warms my heart with its coconut-infused goodness and a symphony of fresh vegetables.

The Assam Fish Head, with its tangy and tantalizing broth, is a bold choice that I can never resist. The dish is visually enticing with a deep reddish-brown or orange-hued gravy that clings to the fish head. The fish head is tender and succulent, with a mild, delicate taste that absorbs the rich and spicy gravy. This is a dish that goes perfectly with rice! The Sambal Goreng adds that perfect spicy punch I crave, igniting a fiery dance on my palate.

The Ayam Goreng, crispy and flavourful, brings back cherished memories. The crispy and crunchy exterior contrasts beautifully with the tender and juicy interior of the chicken. The chicken is also well-marinated, giving you the flavours but not too salty.

The Bergedil and its comforting potato embrace, accompanied by the vibrant Ais Campur and the indulgent sweetness of Chendol, create a symphony of tastes that resonates with my soul.

Chopstix & Rice isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a passage to my fondest food emotions, a place where I explore, indulge, and feel a genuine connection with Southeast Asian cuisine’s rich tapestry of Flavors. I will definitely go back with my family to try out more on the menu. To take a look at the menu, click on this link. You can also make your reservation by heading to their website!


Chopstix & Rice
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall Tower 4, B1-100/101 East Wing, 038983

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 11β€―am–4β€―pm, 5–9:30β€―pm

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