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Love local food? Love Western food as well? How does Local Western Fusion Cuisine sound? Staple Food Cafe offers a unique dining experience that combines the best of both worlds, resulting in a menu that satisfies a variety of tastes and preferences.


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Located in the quaint neighbourhood of Joo Chiat, which is springing with lots of food eateries, this hidden gem stands out with its sunny yellow walls and bright interior that can be seen through the glass doors and β€œwalls”. Minimalistic, clean, spacious, bright… Overall, nice ambience for a cosy gathering with loved ones or for a good catch up with friends over a cuppa, or a complete meal, or a cake set for tea. Wifi and Power Plug are available as well.

Good service by young owner Yi Ting, who does the photography and publicity by herself. Attentive and considerate to set the Mala Powder aside instead of tossing it over the Crispy Corn Fritters, in their original recipe, when she saw that we had kids in the group, who may not be able to take spiciness well.

With a focus on Local Western Fusion Cuisine, and living up to their top priority to provide customers with fresh, high-quality ingredients in every dish they serve, Staple Food is dedicated to creating delicious and heart-warming staple dishes that people can savour and share with their loved ones. Here’s what we tried:

πŸ¦€πŸœ(Special Edition) Joo Chiat Laksa $24

Rich homemade spicy coconut broth cooked with Mussels & Crispy Soft Shell Crab (*Only available on Fri & Weekends). The richness and spiciness of the broth was just right, retaining the taste of a traditional coconut-based Laksa, with a twist of Penne replacing the usual Thick Bee Hoon. Generous serving of big-sized mussels and Soft Shell Crab, nicely fried to a crispy outside while retaining a soft juicy inside.

🦐πŸ₯ͺCanto-Style Prawn Sando $18

Homemade Crispy Succulent Prawn Cake Served With Salad & Asian Sambal Chilli. Visibly big and fresh prawns are used to make the prawn cake, giving each bite a chewy one on the succulent prawn used. The spicy chilli (with visible chilli seeds) goes well with the prawn cake, fresh lettuce, and slightly crispy toasted sandwich bread.

🐟🍝Grilled Fish Pomodoro (A.K.A. Tomato) Pasta $17

Served with pan-seared Italian Herbed Fish. Though the colour of this dish didn’t look appealing to us, the taste surprised us, and this turned out to be #GeralynGui’s favourite. The fish was fresh, and pan-seared for the right duration, to give that springy texture, not too soft nor too tough. The tomato-based sauce, enhanced by the taste of the Italian herbs used, was great for the al dente Penne Pasta used.

Crispy Corn Fritters $13

This is really a joyful Snack For Conversations. Juicy clusters of corn kernels in a crispy and flavourful batter, a unique combination of taste and texture. This side dish is originally tossed in Mala Powder for that extra kick in flavour. Ours was served with the Mala Powder set aside, so that the kids, who couldn’t take spicy food, could still enjoy this crispy and juicy snack. Adventurous #SkylerGui dipped the Crispy Corn Fritters into the Mala Powder before popping them into his mouth. And he loved that!

Tater Tots $13

Served with Nacho Cheese. These baked bite-sized croquettes of shredded potato make another good side dish, finger food, or snack, whether they are enjoyed on their own or with the Nacho Cheese.

Lavender Cafe Latte $6.50: Smooth and creamy layer of sweet micro-foam on the surface of the coffee with a lavender taste (yes, you heard it right) makes this a unique beverage to check out, especially for newer coffee lovers who prefer a sweeter twist. Refreshing Tonic x Espresso $7: Another interesting pairing of tonic water and Espresso, this effervescent sweet-and-bitter (with a tinge of citrus or sour) beverage is refreshing. Served with a wooden coaster and a cute spoon.

Staplefood is definitely a cafe worth visiting with its great ambiance and delicious food and drinks. Check out their menu here

Staple Food Cafe
196 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01, S(427467)

Opening Hours:
FRI: 11AM-8:30;
SAT: 10AM-8:30PM

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