Discover Modern European Fusion Restaurant Beurre@23 in the Heart of Outram Park

Tucked away in the bustling heart of Singapore, we discovered a sanctuary of romance and relaxation – Beurre@23. With a contemporary twist on traditional cuisines, this eatery is not just a dining spot; it’s an experience. Head Chef Bemz, with his Michelin-starred background, has curated a menu that’s perfect for intimate dates, celebratory occasions, and unforgettable gatherings.
Stepping into this gourmet haven felt like stepping into a different realm, where time seemed to slow down, allowing anticipation to heighten before indulging in the delectable offerings.

Upon entering, a glass panel and a countertop grace the space, inviting us to witness the hands of skilled chefs crafting their culinary creations. Nestled conveniently by Exit 4 of the Outram Park station, this gem stands as an oasis in the heart of the city. And as if the experience wasn’t enticing enough, the restaurant boasts an impressive selection of premium wines and spirits, adding a touch of opulence to the dining adventure.

Diamond Roll and Blue Pea Sourdough Bread with Kombu Butter

As we eagerly awaited the main courses, we were treated to a delightful prelude – Diamond Roll and Blue Pea sourdough bread with Kombu butter, offered as complimentary sides. The artistry behind the sourdough was evident, while the Diamond Roll exuded a fragrant softness. The Blue Pea sourdough held a charm of its own, but it was the Kombu butter that truly shone. Its cheese-like richness melted on the palate, a harmony of flavours that were unparalleled.
The moment I had a bite, I turned over to the staff to ask whether this butter is also selling outside in stores. Unfortunately, it is only available in Beurre@23. As I chew, the aroma of the Kombu butter gently wafts through my senses, allowing me to experience a harmonious blend of buttery richness.

Patatas Bravas

Crafted with layers of thinly sliced potatoes, this dish is truly exceptional. The potato boasts a crisp exterior that gives way to a tender and moist interior. The accompanying spicy tomato sauce offers a hint of a tomato base, albeit with a mild profile that’s not overwhelmingly spicy.
To complement the ensemble, the A-ioli sauce takes the stage, presenting a delightful blend of savoury flavours that linger on the palate, leaving me yearning for an additional bite. The visual presentation of the dish is equally alluring, enhancing its appeal and making it even more inviting. In every sense, this creation serves as an exemplary appetizer, perfect for sharing and initiating a culinary journey.

Tuna ConeΒ 

With the Tuna Cone, the first bite erupted in a burst of flavours. Nestled within a mini ice cream cone was an unexpected fusion – raw, fresh tuna paired with an intriguing green curry sauce. The marriage of freshness against the boldness of the curry was harmonious, a delightful surprise. The ikura topping added an umami burst that elevated the entire experience.

150 Days Angus “Filet Mignon” – Must Try

The pinnacle of the culinary journey emerged with the presentation of the Angus beef, a true highlight of the day. Accompanied by potato pave and white asparagus demi-glace, each bite of the beef exuded unparalleled tenderness, perfectly complemented by the satisfying crunch of asparagus and the exceptional craftsmanship of the thinly sliced layers in the potato pave. The potato pave embodied a medley of textures, featuring a crispy potato exterior transitioning to a tender interior, harmonised by a subtly spicy tomato sauce and a captivating blend of savoury notes in the A-ioli sauce, evoking a craving for another delightful bite.
The subtly salted aged beef, a testament to culinary mastery, stood as an ode to the art of cooking. The beef itself took center stage, a beacon for beef enthusiasts, characterised by its robust, naturally savoury, and tender nature. We ordered medium as one of our friends do not eat medium rare, but on every bite, the beef melts in our mouth bit by bit, giving us a surprise that only added to its allure. This masterpiece of flavour, texture, and culinary expertise embodied an unforgettable dining experience.

Iberian Pork – Must Try

The Iberian Pork, distinct from other breeds, is a testament to culinary excellence. It is special because of its pinkish meat, akin to a perfectly cooked steak, it’s served with carrot puree and habanero sauce. The pairing of sweet and spicy flavours is a celebration of taste. Each bite unveils the pork’s natural sweetness, akin to a well-prepared steak. The habanero sauce, more spicy than sweet, complements the pork flawlessly.
The Iberian pork was exceptionally tender and juicy, with the meat that practically melts in your mouth, leaving a luxurious, buttery sensation on your palate. Charred on the outside, the combination in taste was an absolute culinary experience.

Uni Cold Noodles – Must Try

The Uni Cold Noodles dish was a revelation of flavours and textures. The foundation of cold somen noodles was soon graced by the exquisite Hokkaido scallop and uni. The uni partnered with tigre milk offered a silken, creamy sensation reminiscent of the sea’s fresh embrace. Every morsel was imbued with the alluring aroma of black truffle, evoking a sensory journey with each mouthful.
The cold noodles maintained their al dente allure, creating a delightful texture interplay. The scallop, a testament to its oceanic provenance, delivered a melt-in-the-mouth marvel that added to the dish’s overall allure. Every bite was a journey through contrasts – cool noodles, succulent scallop, briny ikura bursts, and the creamy sweetness of uni. A masterpiece that’s an absolute must-try.
I have tried Uni in many places before and usually it brings a slight fishy taste. However, in Beurre@23, the Uni was absolutely fresh and refreshing. It complimented with the rest of the flavours so well.

Twins Truffle Fries

The Twins Truffle Fries turned out to be an irresistible treat. The mix of freshly made piping hot sweet potatoes and potatoes was really made perfectly. The fusion of piping hot sweet potatoes and potatoes was a dance of textures and flavours. As each fry was savoured, the aromatic truffle oil intertwined with the creamy parmesan cheese, creating a masterpiece of contrasts – crispy outside and divinely soft within.

Octopus Fremantle

A true masterpiece beckoned with the Octopus Fremantle, a must-try creation. The allure of grilled octopus legs combined with hotaru-ika captured immediate attention. The revelation lay within a cloud-like potato foam, concealing a enticing onsen egg beneath.
Mixing the components as suggested resulted in a harmonious ensemble – smoky octopus, tender onsen egg, and the comforting creaminess of the potato foam. A culinary delight that left us yearning for more.

Tropical Bliss Delight

Concluding the culinary journey on a high note, the homemade ice-cream Tropical Bliss Delight treated our taste buds to a delightful blend of flavors and textures. A passion fruit ice cream, encased in white chocolate, was paired with brown butter sauce, salted chocolate crumbs, and meringue. The play between sour passion fruit and white chocolate was refreshing, while the salted chocolate crumbs added a delightful crunch. A refreshing, well-rounded flavour profile that surpassed any other ice cream.

Elevated Excellence: Culinary Artistry and Unforgettable Moments

Beyond the extraordinary dishes, the restaurant’s service and ambiance were equally commendable. Chef Bemz’s humility was reflected in the experience, and the dishes met an impeccable standard. The recipes, unique and sumptuous, create a haven for both food and drink enthusiasts. Situated in the CBD area, the restaurant also provides lunch course sets ideal for business meetings or a sumptuous meal. This establishment is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for exceptional dining and unforgettable moments.

Lunch Sets, Dinner Wine and Dine

All the above awesomeness can be enjoyed during lunch time as well as Beurre@23 offers a 2-course and 3-course set, which are perfect for business meetings. It is definitely one of the top choices if you would like to impress your clients or partners!
They also offer a wide selection of reds and whites for you to pair it with their awesome dishes, with wines from Europe.

View their lunch menu here! beurre@23 e-menu

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23 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089837

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-2pm, 5:30pm-10pm

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