Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine @ Tre Caphe

Experience the excitement of Tre Caphe, a unique restaurant in Singapore specialising in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. From pho and banh mi to spring rolls and stir-fries, their diverse menu excites your taste buds.


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The shop itself was clean and had many Vietnamese decorations and knick-knacks to showcase the beautiful Vietnamese culture. The lighting and space were really cosy, with comfortable cushions on the wooden chairs so that you could sit comfortably. The service was prompt and efficient, and it was easy to place an order!

Crispy Seafood Spring Rolls were perfectly crispy, with a thin skin, filled with savoury, salty, minced seafood. Not overly oily too, and served as a great appetiser!

The Tre Vietnamese Beef Hotpot (M) uses their in-house slow-cooked beef broth, slightly herbal with a rich beef flavour, fragrant and light on the taste buds! This is definitely a comforting dish I’d reach out for on a rainy day. The beef slices were thinly sliced, making them soft, tender, juicy and delicious after soaking up the tasty broth.

The Charcoal Grill Chicken Skewers with Bamboo Rice are cooked over charcoal and I could taste the delicious charred flavour – reminiscent of our local satay! I loved how their sticky rice was placed in bamboo, making it really fun to eat!

Tre Crispy Crab Nem Noodles Set: The crispy crab spring rolls arrived piping hot, and upon biting into it, the juicy crab filling oozes out! The flavour was rich and salty, and paired perfectly with the plain noodles, cooked well – slightly undercooked for that al dante goodness, so it’s still springy and chewy!

Flan Cake Smooth Pudding has a strong caramel flavour, if you have a sweet tooth this dessert is for you!

The other dessert we had was the Tre Homemade Strawberry Yogurt. I love how their yogurt is handmade! Tangy, with sweetness from strawberry syrup with actual strawberry chunks inside, this was a great refreshing dish to end the meal. Additionally, they have just launched Vietnamese hotpot buffet! Head now to try their new menu today!

Check out their menu and book your reservation here!


Tre Caphe (Suntec City)
3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-147 Tower 1 and 2, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours:
Monday- Sunday: 8.00am to 10pm

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