10 Chinese Restaurants with Private Dining rooms with KTV

Looking for a restaurant that have private dining rooms with ktv for a celebration or family/friends gathering? Privacy with entertainment indeed allow the dining experience to be more exquisite and enjoyable, without any sound interference from other customers in the main hall. One might have the assumption that you need to be a VIP in order to have such private service but you might be wrong! Below is a list of 10 Chinese restaurants that has Private Dining Rooms with KTV that you can enjoy dining and singing your heart out!

1. Hai Wang Seafood ζ΅·ηŽ‹ι±Όε€΄η‚‰

Hai Wang Seafood 鱼倴炉

Hai Wang Seafood provided a wonderful dining experience that catered to families and friends of all age groups. The cozy ambiance and warm hospitality made the evening even more enjoyable, and the Private room with KTV added a touch of fun to our gathering.

Hai Wang Seafood 鱼倴炉
Hai Wang Seafood have Private rooms with KTV of different gathering sizes and pax! Do call in to check its availability and make reservations! For super big gatherings you can consider booking the room above!
Haiwang Seafood 鱼倴炉 smaller gathering ktv private room
For 3-4 or 4-5 pax you can consider this!

Hai Wang Seafood Fresh Seafood Charcoal Fire Fish Head Steamboat

Located conveniently within town area at Jalan Besar, Hai Wang seafood 鱼倴炉 serves one of the best Charcoal-fire Fish Head Steamboat you can find in Singapore. Hai Wang Seafood allows pre-order of live seafood so you can be assured that their seafood is definitely fresh!

For their location and impeccable service, their
Traditional Steamboat Red Snapper is affordably priced as $38 (small 2-3pax) and $68 (big 5-6pax) that is perfect for sharing amongst friends and family. Check out their other items on their menu as well! Location: 369 Jln Besar, Singapore 208997
Reservation: 90918368

2. Springcourt

Springcourt Singapore Private Dining Room with Karaoke
Known as Singapore’s oldest family-run restaurant, Springcourt have unfailingly dedicated themselves to making every meal a relaxing, enjoyable and special occasion, much like eating in your own home.
Spring Court is located in a 4-storey heritage shophouse with an elevator. They have numerous VIP rooms with KTVΒ facilities for customers to enjoy!
Spring court Menu
Serving ChineseΒ  foods like Chilli Crab in claypot, suckling pig and dimsum, you are assured to have an awesome time for celebration and gathering in Springcourt.
Location: 52-56 Upper Cross St, Singapore 058348
Reservation: 64495030

3. Chuan yang ji chinatown outlet

Chuan Yang Ji Private Room Karaoke
Chuan Yang Ji is the first and only Restaurant in Singapore that offers high-quality and healthy lamb soup pot restaurant in Singapore and It was founded in 2008.
Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu
If you are adventurous enough, you should try their bbq lamb bone marrow! Its similar to what Singaporeans know as β€œTulang”. It is nutritious, fragrant and juicy.
Location: 211 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058760
Reservation: 69096887

4. Zui yu xuan Teochew Cuisine 醉

Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine Private Room with KTV
Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine is a dining concept by JUMBO Group of Restaurants. Nestled in a two-storey heritage building gazetted as one of Singapore’s historic sites by the National Heritage Board, Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine is a jewel in the cultural district which it calls home.
Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine Dishes
Serving authentic teochew dishes like live prawns with chinese wine, crab roe with chinese wine, classic dishes deep fried Ngoh Hiang, deep fried liver rolls and more!
Location: 130/131 Amoy St, Far East Square, Singapore 049959
Reservation: 67883637

5. θ€εœ°ζ–Ήε·θœε°ι¦† Old Reunion

Old Reunion θ€εœ°ζ–Ή Private Room with Karaoke Room
θ€εœ°ζ–Ήε·θœε°ι¦† Old Reunion Chinese Restaurant is located just 2 mins away from Jalan Besar MRT (DTL) and they offer affordable and popular Chinese dishes with a range from $6.80 – $29.80. The restaurant is decorated with traditional old Chengdu dining ambiance, with more than 100 items on the menu that will definitely suit your likings.
They also have private dining rooms with KTV without any charges if you are dining with a min of 5ppl! Talk about free singing and enjoying meals!
Location: 104, 106 Jln Besar, 208828
Reservation: 8823 3819

6. Manchurian Lamb Hotpot

Manchurain Lamb Hotpot Private Room with Karaoke
Specialised in Old Bei Jing style lamb dishes, Manchurian Lamb HotpotΒ  have been offering the authentic dishes for more than 9 years in Singapore, like Bei Jing Lamb Spine Hotpot, BBQ Lamb Ribs Roasted Lamb Leg and more.
Location: 18 Smith St, Singapore 058932
Reservation:Β  62258663

7. Tian Fang Pavilion

Tian Fang Pavilion Private Karaoke Room
Tian Fang Pavilion is a modern restaurant in Chinatown that serves authentic Chinese cuisine with passion and precision. Their delicious hot pots are both traditional and tantalizingly flavorsome, this thanks to fragrant soup bases and the use of top-quality ingredients.
Their menu has a diverse range of fillings and includes many signature items like beef omasum, spicy pork, cuttlefish, handmade tofu, egg pork dumplings, and fresh aorta.
They also specialize in Sichuan dishes and recommend trying their most popular spicy soup base or the Chongqing-style noodles.
Location: 269 / 271 New Bridge Rd, New Bridge, Singapore 088747
Reservation: 81631802

8. Dating fish

Dating Fish Restaurant Private Room with Karaoke
They are known for their Hot Stone Bucket Fish which is prepared using hot stones which heat up to 260 degrees to cook the fish as soup is poured into the bucket. The fish’s freshness and nutrition are kept as it is not overly cooked.
Dating fish also serve many other Chinese dishes that are perfect for gathering and a chill time after work!
Location: 12 Mosque St, #01-01, Singapore 059492
Reservation: 62210012

9. Yan Palace

Yan Palace Private Room with Karaoke
Private Karaoke Room image from Foursquare

Yan Palace serves both dim sum and main Chinese dishes like Peking duck, Seafood treasure soup, Shark Cartilage soup and many more. They also offer set menus for 2-10 people that covers a wide variety of dishes and soups. To book their VIP rooms for birthdays, events, or family gatherings, please call in to reserve from the number below.
Location: Blk 531 Upper Cross Street #01-49 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 050531
Reservation: 6222 2516

10. Imperial Grand Cantonese Cuisine

Imperial Grand Main Hall
Opened in June 2022, Imperial grand cantonese cuisine serves handmade dim sum and also main Special Chinese Dishes like Suckling pig, Buddha jump over the wall and birdnest chicken. Located in TRIO building in Jalan Besar, imperial is easily accessible from Jalan Besar MRT station.
Location: ​​11 Sam Leong Rd, #03-01 TRIO BUILDING, Singapore 207903
Reservation: 87574622

Here it is! 10 Chinese Restaurants with Private Dining rooms with KTV. As these rooms are usually limited, please remember to make a reservation before heading down! Some of the restaurants above mentioned might have a minimum spend in order to book the rooms so please call in to clarify!

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