“Enjoy Eating House And Bar” – Modern Singapore Cuisine With A Twist At This Vintage-Style Restaurant

Just like its name, you will be satisfied by the taste and quality of the food found at Enjoy Eating House and Bar. Located at Novotel on Stevens, you can easily spot the location of this restaurant upon your arrival at the Hotel.


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Before entering the restaurant, we were welcomed by an old-school television accompanied by bright and retro-looking stools. Stepping into Enjoy Eating House and Bar was like a time travel back to the 80s. The retro vibes of the restaurant and dishes that reflect significantly on our local delights brought back many memories and gave us a homely feeling. Also, we were so in love with the restaurant’s bright and colourful theme.

The colourful chairs and retro-looking posters made us feel like screaming with excitement! This restaurant serves modern Singapore cuisine with a twist by local chef Joel Ong in a communal dining setting.

With a simple menu, every dish was crafted uniquely yet maintained originality. Here are what we have tried:

Filial Pie Tee

The Filia Pie Tee is a great appetizer to start. With homemade fillings cooked until soft and flavourful, plus homemade chilli that blends well. The ‘love-hate’ part for us was that the Filial Pie Tee comes in bite-size. Hence it’s supper addictive as you will want to go for a second and a third serving. Before you know it, everything will be gone within seconds.

Ugly Cabbage with Fish Sauce

The ugly cabbage reminds us of mummy’s cooking: Nothing fancy but just simple fish sauce topped with fried garlic that made the dish fragrant. Simple is beauty; every bite brings the sweetness of the cabbage to our palate.

Grandma’s Te Kah Bee Hoon

Grandma’s Te Kah Bee Hoon also known as pig trotter vermicelli is a “MUST-TRY’ at Enjoy Eating House and Bar. Using Grandma’s secret recipe, the te kah (pig trotter) is braised until soft, with the meat and skin that melts in our mouth. Also, the bee hoon was infused with the fragrance of wok hey and the Te Kah flavours!

Hainanese Chicken Satay

You will be surprised by how soft the chicken satays are. They were well-grilled to perfection. All you need to do is to dip the satay into the peanut pineapple sauce!

Salt Baked Whole Barramundi

This is the first time we tried baked fish with salt. The meat was surprisingly soft and tender, with a hint of lemongrass fragrance. To our surprise, there were indeed sticks of lemongrass stuffed into the fish during the baking process. In addition, the fish was served with homemade sauces – salsa, sambal, and Thai-style chilli. We tried all sauces and love the Thai-style chilli the most; however, do take note that it’s spicy.

Singapore Style Chilli Prawns with Deep Fried Mantou

Chef Joel’s signature chilli sauce with de-shelled, fresh prawns! If you are a fan of Chilli crab, then it’s highly recommended to try the chilli prawns too. What we loved was being able to tuck in right away rather than spending time deshelling it. In addition, the prawns are enormous. Every mouthful was filled with sweetness from the prawn and mild spiciness from the sauce.

For desserts, we had the Chendol Panna Cotta and the Popiah Garden. If you wonder what is Chendol? It’s originally an iced dessert topped with green rice flour jelly drizzled with palm sugar syrup. However, at Enjoy Eating House and Bar, a heap of ice is replaced with Panna Cotta, an Italian dessert! The popiah garden features locally made gelato in sweet and savoury flavours. All you need to do is give the gelato a pinch using Enjoy’s homemade popiah. It’s hard to determine which dessert stands out most, as both are equally delicious!

Make your reservation at Enjoy Eating House and Bar today! Just click on this link to check out their menu and click here for reservation!


Enjoy Eating House and Bar
30 Stevens Rd #01-07, Novotel on Stevens, S257840

Opening Hours:
Monday- Sunday: 11:30am to 12am

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