Enjoy Delicious Homemade Ngoh Hiang & Hei Zho In The Comfort Of Your Home

Looking for delicious homemade Ngoh Hiang that allow you to reminisce your childhood? Yummyrollz started as a passion for cooking homemade food for loved ones. They offered many homemade dishes such as Signature Ngoh Hiang, Tom Yum Ngoh Hiang, Crunchy Hei Zho, Heng Hwa Fried Bee Hoon, and Glutinous Rice.


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My family loves their Crunchy Hei Zho. With every bite, you can taste the chunky cuts of the prawns together with generous chunks of chestnuts. That way, you will get to taste generous chunks of prawns in every bite! Not forgetting that they are marinated with Superior grade sauces, which makes them savoury but not too salty. The children love it too!

Their Ngoh Hiang is also delicious. The skin outside is thin and crispy and the filling is succulent. The Signature Ngoh Hiang consists of almost an equal ratio portion of minced pork and chopped prawns, and the prawn is not minced so you can still taste the chunks of delicious and fresh prawns inside. There are also chunky chestnuts, carrots, and celery inside, which add a different crunch and sweetness to the dish! The Superior grade seasoning sauces also elevate the taste to a different level!

The pork belly is marinated overnight with sauces, making sure that the taste seeps right through into the meat. Then, the glutinous rice is fried with dried shrimp and mushrooms to get that flavourful delight before it is steamed at a high temperature. The perfect amount of time makes the glutinous rice chewy and not too tough. Toppled with fried silver fish and Chinese sausages, the Hokkien-style Glutinous Rice is a real crowd stealer.

P.S. Their hand-pounded sambal belachan was an excellent complement to the dish. Do try this combination!

The Heng Hwa Bee Hoon’s broth is boiled for 6 hours to achieve the perfect taste for frying the Bee Hoon. Do you know that Putien Heng Hwa Bee Hoon is used for this delicious dish? Together with many ingredients, including clams (lala), prawns, dried scallops, mushrooms, fried beancurd, and assorted vegetables, this dish boasts a variety of ingredients with a deep and rich flavour. From the initial stewing process to frying, it takes about 25 mins to cook individual portions at a time. The dedication put into this dish is what makes it tasty and one of their must-try!



Credits: Cheryl Pang

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