Best Mookata in Bukit Merah Singapore

Looking for the best Mookata in Bukit Merah? Nestled within Blk 2 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-5134, Singapore 150002, Yak Kin Mookata is a hidden gem that I stumbled upon during my quest for the best Mookata in town.

Read further below to know what are the must-try and whats so special about their stall! Watch the video to see how BIG their HUMS are!


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As I perused the menu, I was greeted with an enticing array of dishes that showcased the best of Mookata and Thai flavors. Here’s a glimpse into the delightful dishes I had the pleasure of trying:

The marinated meat was a symphony of flavors that struck the perfect balance. It wasn’t overly salty, yet every bite brought out the essence and tenderness of the meat. The truffle, garlic, and tom yum pork were SUPER AMAZING, each adding its own unique and amazing flavour profile. THE TOM YUM PORK IS A MUST TRY. I found myself relishing the tender and flavourful meat without the need for additional sauces.

Garlic Chicken

The aroma of garlic filled the air as I indulged in the garlic chicken. Tender and juicy, each piece of chicken was infused with the essence of garlic. The marinade worked its magic, ensuring that every bite was bursting with flavour. It was a delightful experience that showcased the skillful mastery of Yak Kin Mookata’s chefs.

Tom Yum Pork Belly, Pork Collar, and Chicken

As a lover of the iconic tom yum flavor, I couldn’t resist sampling the tom yum-infused meats. The pork belly, pork collar, and chicken were all beautifully marinated, showcasing the tangy and spicy notes of tom yum. With every bite, the flavours danced on my palate, creating a harmonious blend that was both satisfying and addictive. The succulent and well-marinated meats truly showcased the authenticity of Yak Kin Mookata’s Thai cuisine.

Truffle Pork Collar

For a touch of indulgence, I ventured into the realm of truffle-infused pork collar. The aroma alone was strong, and my taste buds were not disappointed. The truffle taste was expertly infused into the meat, creating a rich experience. Each bite was a true delight, with the truffle essence enveloping the tender pork collar. It was a dish that exuded luxury and left me yearning for more.

Seafood Selection

One cannot talk about mookata without mentioning the irresistible seafood selection at Yak Kin Mookata. From the tender baby cuttlefish to the succulent scallops, the juicy tiger prawns, and the delightful flower squid, Yak Kin offered a diverse range of ocean treasures that elevated the dining experience to new heights. As I savoured each bite, I felt like I was transported to the bustling streets of Thailand, where the aroma of sizzling seafood fills the air. After all, how can one truly experience the magic of Mookata without indulging in the flavours of the sea?

Yak Kin Mookata Big Hum compared to size of hand


The generous portion of cockles caught my attention, and I was pleasantly surprised by their size. Each bite offered a burst of briny goodness, adding a unique and flavourful element to the mookata experience. The cockles perfectly complemented the other meats and seafood, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Yak Kin Mookata Homemade Chilli

Special Homemade Meat and Seafood Chilli Sauce

If the fresh meats and vegetables are already scoring a good score, their homemade special chilli sauce definitely the dining experience get a perfect score. There are 2 kinds of chilli that they provide, the meat chilli sauce which is thicker, and the seafood chilli sauce. If you have seen the video, the chilli sauce was so awesome that I mixed with the tang hoon to eat. I really wonder what recipe they have, but i hoped I could pack some of their chilli sauce and bring it back home.

Yak Kin Mookata Bukit Merah Homemade special chilli sauce

You Should Visit Yak Kin Mookata!

My visit to Yak Kin Mookata was a remarkable journey of flavours and a testament to their dedication to serving authentic Mookata and Thai cuisine. From the tender and marinated garlic chicken to the aromatic tom yum pork collar, every dish was a true delight. The tom yum-infused meats showcased the harmonious blend of tangy and spicy flavors, while the truffle-infused porkΒ collar added a touch of luxury to the meal. The seafood selection, featuring the likes of baby cuttlefish, scallops, tiger prawns, and flower squid. And let’s not forget the sizeable cockles that provided a delightful briny twist to the feast.


Yak Kin Mookata
Blk 2 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-5134, Singapore 150002

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 1pm to 1am
Saturday to Sunday: 2pm to 11pm

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