Top 5 Affordable Food Catering with Amazing Special Dishes

Since early 19th century, Singapore had many food catering business that are still present till today. While there are many big corporations dominating the online and google space, did you know about these Chinese food caterers that brings you amazing food to you?

1. Hock Hoe Heng : Eating Together Since 1978

Hock Hoe Heng 1900s

Founded in 1978, the family-owned business has grown from a small operation to one of the most trusted and respected caterers in Singapore.
Hock Hoe Heng is famous for serving traditional Chinese food that is loved by its customers. The caterer prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets, and never compromises on quality or taste.

Hock Hoe Heng Catering Lorry
At the heart of Hock Hoe Heng’s success is its commitment to preserving the rich culinary heritage of Singapore. The caterer specialises in traditional dishes such as Teochew, Hokkien Hakka and many other traditional cuisines, which are all made from scratch using authentic recipes and techniques passed down through generations. Each dish is carefully crafted to deliver the distinctive flavours and textures which have helped gain many returning customers.

Hock Hoe Heng Chinese Food Catering Menu 1

As Singapore continues to evolve and modernise, Hock Hoe Heng remains a proud ambassador of its cultural heritage, showcasing the best of traditional cuisine with its authentic and delicious catering services. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large event, Hock Hoe Heng is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the taste of tradition.

Hock Hoe Heng Chinese Catering Menu 2

Hock Hoe Heng Chinese Food Catering Menu 3
Damage: $16 per pax (6 course) ~ $28 per pax (10 course)

Special Dishes: Imperial Herbal Chicken, Sea Cucumber Braised Duck, Sambal Crayfish, Pandan Chicken
Order here: Hock Hoe Heng

2. Fong Fu
Fund Fu Chinese Catering Logo

Started off on humble grounds in a small kitchen in Jurong coupled with the help of a few family members, Fong Fu have expand their business while never losing sight of our vision – to leave our customers satisfied and to give everyone a taste of good food made with love.
Fung Fu menu catering

Today, we offer a wide range of food catering services, ranging from our local-inspired Tingkat Packages, diverse mini buffets to appetizing bento boxes. We are distinguished for serving fresh, nutrient-packed meals made from only the finest of ingredients at reasonable and affordable rates.Β 

Damage: $16.80 per pax ~ $25.80 per pax
Special Dishes: XO Pork Ribs, Champagne Pork Chop

3. Katong Catering
Katong Catering 1900s Shop

From a humble tingkat delivery service, Katong Catering, has grown over the years to become an established and well-known caterer in Singapore. Katong Catering services includes Asian Buffet, High Tea Buffet, Barbecue Buffet and Executive Lunch Meals. We also cater for all types of occasions.

Katong Catering Menu

Damage: $14.80 per pax
Special Dishes: Korean Gochujang Prawn Fritters, Nyonya Chap Chae

4. Ye Lai Siang Catering

Ye Lai Xiang 倜ζ₯香 Chinese Food Catering

Since 1983, Ye Lai Xiang Catering have been passionate towards local flavours, Yeh Lai Siang’s cuisines were inspired by traditional recipes imparted by the previous generations.

Ye Lai Xiang Menu

Damage: $20 per pax (Min 30 pax)
Special Dishes: Red Curry Chicken With Baby Potatoes, TeoChew Braised Duck

5. Mei Hao 99 Catering

Mei Hao 99 is a premier catering provider offering a sumptuous range of cusine from chinese, indonesian, thai to western styles.

Mei Hao 99 Catering

Established in 1999, Mei Hao 99 Catering is a leading catering provider that offers a wide range of food from Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Western styles.

Damage: $12.99 per pax (Min 50 Pax) ~ $22.67 per pax (Min 25 Pax)
Special Dishes: Curry Batang Fish, Oat Battered Sotong

Here you have 5 Chinese food catering companies in Singapore that serve amazingly special dishes! Be it a private birthday party or you have a event, this list of catering companies serve you from all events from A to Z! Follow Shiok Eats for more amazing content!

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