Seafood Paradise Opens New Outlet at Clarke Quay with 50% Off Selected Signatures

Popular Singapore Style Chilli Crab

Since its opening in 2002 as a humble 25-seater coffee shop at Defu Lane, Seafood Paradise has grown from strength to strength, gaining a loyal following amongst aficionados for its repertoire of lip-smacking, homespun seafood dishes. The local seafood restaurant is celebrating another milestone in its annalsβ€”it has opened a new outlet at Clarke Quay! Dining here will prove to be a multisensorial feast. Tuck into the restaurant’s signature Singapore-style seafood mainstays and Chinese dishes while enjoying a breathtaking view.

Doling Out Timeless Classics

Signature Creamy Butter Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs

Fans of Seafood Paradise can expect to savour its best-selling dishes at the Clarke Quay outlet. From its very beginning, Seafood Paradise has displayed moxie to experiment and wow local gourmands with exciting dishes. It was the very first restaurant that came up with the Creamy Butter Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs ($10.80 per 100g). Sri Lankan crabs, whose flesh is firm and boasts a sweet-savoury note, are used in the dish. Permeating the flesh is a freshly made sauce, whose aroma and flavour come from the combination of curry leaves, white pepper, lemongrass, and chilli padi. The chef’s tribute to the iconic national dish, the Popular Singapore Style Chilli Crab ($10.80 per 100g) also calls for Sri Lankan mud crabs. The crustaceans are immersed in a moreish sauce that hits the right balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy. For both dishes, mantous are a requisite accompaniment to soak up the sauces.

Baked Jade Perch with Sea Salt

Another creation that will bowl over many is the Baked Jade Perch with Sea Salt ($8.80 per 100g). High in omega-3 fatty acids, the fish boasts a smooth and delicate flesh. It is lightly seasoned with sea salt, and served with a side of green chillis. Relish the pronounced freshness of this freshwater fish!

Crispy Phoenix Chicken

There is also the nostalgia-evoking Crispy Phoenix Chicken ($23.80 half, $46.80 whole), whose preparation is highly delicate and labour intensive. The chefs have to first deskin the chicken, then dry the skin for up to four hours before frying it to a golden crisp. A mix of minced chicken and squid is then arrayed upon the skin and deep-fried. Each piece of chicken skin can only make 2 portions of Crispy Phoenix Chicken.


To celebrate the opening, the restaurant is holding a month-long promotion: 50% Off Signature Seafood Classics.

Seafood Paradise Opening Promotion 50%

Enjoy more bang for your buck when you order the following dishes:

  • Week 1, 9-15 Jul: Scottish Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic (U.P. $15.80 per piece) (1 per person)
  • Week 2, 16-22 Jul: Australian Lobster–Sashimi or Steamed with Minced Garlic (U.P. $28per 100g) (1 per table)
  • Week 3, 23-29 Jul: Steamed Dragon Grouper with Preserved Turnip (U.P. $9 per 100g) (1per table)
  • Week 4,30 Jul-5 Aug: Mud Crab–Popular Singapore Style Chilli or Creamy Butter topped with Coconut Crumbs (U.P. $10.80 per 100g) (5pax 1 crab, 6pax up to 2 crabs)
Steamed Scottish Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic

Reservations are recommended.Book here:

An ideal address to enjoy a sedate lunch with colleagues or overseas guests

With its cosy atmosphere and eclectic menu, Seafood Paradise makes a perfect place for business lunches. It is also a great destination to bring overseas guests to enjoy the best seafood dishes that Singapore has to offer. The restaurant is offering value-for-money Executive Lunches during the weekdays. Prices range from $58 to $88 for sets catering to 3 to 4 pax; and $108 to $168 for sets catering to 5 to 6 pax.


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