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Edition Bar has been rebranded to E.D.T

As soon as I walked into this Hidden Gem Rooftop Bar – E.D.T Bar, I was captivated by its unique concept and diverse offerings. The main dining hall welcomed me with its vibrant atmosphere and a tempting array of dishes to choose from. I then ventured to the private dining terrace area, where I found an intimate setting perfect for a special celebration or a cozy gathering with my loved ones.

This rooftop bar can definitely impress any business VIPs or your date!


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The rooftop garden area provided a tranquil escape, allowing me to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. As the night progressed, the live DJ took the stage, creating an energetic ambiance that set the stage for an unforgettable night out. E.D.T Rooftop Bar truly offered a diverse range of experiences, ensuring that everyone’s preferences and desires were catered to.

Lobster bisque soup served in four sake glasses $18

Indulging in the rich and luxurious flavours of E.D.T Rooftop Bar’s Lobster Bisque Soup was an absolute treat. Served in four exquisite sake glasses, each containing a portion of this velvety soup, the presentation alone was a feast for the eyes. As I took my first sip, the succulent lobster meat and aromatic spices instantly delighted my taste buds. The creamy broth was a perfect balance of flavours, creating a decadent and satisfying experience. The unique serving style in sake glasses added an elegant touch to the dining experience, making it feel even more special.

The portion is definitely more than 4 sake glasses!

G’Day Mate (Beef tenderloin) $42

G’Day Mate dish at E.D.T Rooftop Bar was truly a delightful culinary experience. The 200gm aged beef tenderloin stole the show with its perfectly cooked texture – tender, juicy, and packed with flavour. The caramelized crust added a satisfying crunch, enhancing the overall taste sensation.

The accompaniments were equally impressive, with the smoked pancetta bacon providing a smoky and savoury element that paired harmoniously with the beef and seasonal vegetables. Each bite was a delightful blend of textures and flavours that left me wanting more. The dish received well-deserved praise for its softness, tenderness, and impeccable seasoning. It was an absolute pleasure to enjoy this high-quality and delectable creation at E.D.T Rooftop Bar.

SeΓ±or pork $42 Roasted

The 180gm grilled pork neck was cooked to perfection, with a beautiful charred exterior and a juicy and tender interior. The seasoning was just right, allowing the natural flavours of the pork to shine through. Every bite was a burst of delectable flavours that made my taste buds dance with joy.

The accompaniments elevated the dish even further. The refreshing rhubarb sauce added a tangy and fruity element, while the roasted pumpkin puree provided a creamy and earthy counterpart. The burnt butter cream added richness and depth, and the grilled baby cabbage added a delightful crunch.Β 

ι›ͺ (snow)(Cod fish) $45

I had the pleasure of trying their signature dish, ι›ͺ (Snow), and it was an absolute culinary masterpiece. The perfectly roasted cod fish, weighing 140g, was a true delight. It was tender, juicy, and had an incredible texture that melted in my mouth. The highlight of the dish was the luscious honey miso glaze that adorned the fish, adding a touch of sweetness and a depth of flavour that was simply divine.

The presentation was equally impressive, with delicate daikon ribbons and a sprinkle of shaved egg yolk that added visual appeal to the dish. Accompanying this exquisite creation was a side of gochujang egg fried rice, which provided a delightful hint of spice and a contrast of textures. Every bite was a harmonious blend of flavours and textures. This dish truly embodies elegance, creativity, and a symphony of flavours, making it a must-try for any culinary enthusiast.

Sea urchin cream (Spaghetti/Linguini) $32

This exotic dish combines the briny essence of sea urchin with the succulence of sautΓ©ed tiger prawns, complemented by a velvety cream sauce infused with the subtle nuances of white wine and umami-rich miso. The sea urchin miso cream sauce brings an umami-rich depth that ties the dish together.

The miso adds a unique complexity that perfectly complements the sea urchin. The cream is smooth and not overly thick, ensuring it doesn’t overpower the dish. The linguine is cooked to perfection, providing a wonderful texture. Every bite offers a unique and interesting fusion of flavours. The lingering umami sensation left me craving another bite, a testament to the deliciousness of this remarkable dish.

E.D.T’s Ciopinno $18

This dish features a blend of prawns, clams, and an enticing smooth and medium-thickness texture tomato seafood broth infused with white wine, parsley, and basil. The soup embraces your palate with fresh seafood flavours together with its comforting sweetness. A must-try for seafood enthusiasts!

E.D.T Cheeseburger $26

The E.D.T cheeseburger features a 200gm aged Wagyu patty, brioche bun, special sauce, onion marmalade, melted cheese, and a side of fries. As I took my first bite, I was greeted with a burst of juicy flavours from the perfectly cooked Wagyu patty. It wasn’t overly salty, allowing the natural beef flavour to shine through.

The brioche bun was a savoury delight, incredibly soft and adding a nice touch to the overall experience. The cheese, with its ideal level of delicious goodness, complemented the burger perfectly. It was thick and smooth, providing a luscious coating to each bite. The combination of all these elements created a truly satisfying cheeseburger experience.

CPL sliders – C= chicken, P = pork , L= lamb $25

CPL sliders are an irresistible choice for food lovers, offering a combination of chicken, pork, and lamb in one mouthwatering meal. Grilled to perfection, the meats are tender, flavourful, and develop a slightly crispy outer layer while remaining juicy.

The carefully selected condiments enhance the taste of the sliders, while the toasted bread adds an extra layer of flavour. What sets CPL sliders apart is the ability to enjoy three different meat types in one serving, eliminating the need to choose. With their delicious variety and satisfying textures, these sliders are a must-try for those seeking a diverse and fulfilling culinary experience.

Aphrodisiacs in a shell $28

Aphrodisiacs in a Shell, which consisted of six oystersβ€” three topped with E.D.T Sambal and Ikura, and three served fresh. As I took my first bite, the oyster delighted my palate with its briny and fresh taste. The garlic-infused sour sauce added a tangy and savoury note, enhancing the flavours of the oyster.

Among them, my favorite was the oyster topped with Ikura. The burst of roe combined with the oyster’s creamy texture created a truly delightful experience. The oysters were impressively big and left me feeling refreshed with each bite. This dish was a perfect indulgence, and I relished every moment savouring these aphrodisiacs in a shell.

Japanese squid $23

Japanese squid turned out to be a delightful treat. The squid was incredibly tender, making each bite a pleasure. The savoury flavours were just right, not overly salty, allowing the natural taste of the squid to shine through. The sauce drizzled over the squid was fragrant, refreshing, and had a slight tanginess to it, adding a burst of flavour. I particularly enjoyed the slightly charred edges, which added a smoky note to the dish. I enjoyed every moment savouring the tender, fresh, and slightly tangy Japanese squid.

Deep fried squid tentacles with curry leaf served with chipotle mayo $22

I couldn’t resist ordering the deep-fried squid tentacles with curry leaf and chipotle mayo. And boy, was I in for a treat! As soon as I took my first bite, the combination of fresh and tender squid, the enticing aroma of curry leaves, and the smoky chipotle mayo sent my taste buds into a frenzy of delight.

The batter coating the squid was incredibly crunchy, adding a satisfying texture to each mouthful. The flavours were savoury and bold, perfectly complementing my choice of drink. Whether enjoyed with a pint of beer or shared with friends, this dish is an absolute must-have. The experience was truly unforgettable, and I found myself savouring every last bite.

Charred broccoli $15

Charred Broccoli turned out to be an absolute delight. The broccoli was expertly charred, giving it a wonderful smoky flavour and a perfect texture. The combination of the garlic aioli, parmesan, kailan puree, and furikake brought a harmonious blend of flavours that elevated the dish to a whole new level.

I found the dish to be incredibly unique and special. The preparation of the broccoli was spot-on, making it an excellent starter for a meal or a delicious snack to enjoy with drinks. I couldn’t get enough of this delicious and satisfying dish and would definitely order it again without hesitation.

Posh Fries $15

Posh Fries exceeded my expectations. The truffle fries were incredibly fragrant, filling the air with their enticing aroma. Each bite was a burst of flavour, with the truffle flavour perfectly complementing the crispy fries. The addition of generous parmesan sprinkled on top added an extra layer of richness and depth. These fries were truly a luxurious treat, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a delicious and indulgent side dish.

Tiramisu with a twist $15

Indulge in the Tiramisu with a Twist, which adds a delightful twist to the classic dessert. Served in a martini glass, this version of tiramisu features a combination of traditional ingredients like coffee and cocoa, enhanced with the addition of candied orange peel. The tangy notes of the orange peel beautifully harmonise with the bold flavours of coffee and cocoa, creating a heavenly dessert that is both indulgent and refreshing.

This Tiramisu with a Twist truly lives up to its reputation as the best tiramisu I’ve ever had, with the cream infused with just the right amount of rum and the sponge being soft, offering a delightful texture and flavour experience.

E.D.T Red Rose (Cranberry Rose Ice) $24

E.D.T Red Rose turned out to be a visually appealing and refreshing drink. The vibrant cranberry rose color was absolutely stunning and added a touch of elegance to the drink. As I took a sip, the icy coolness of the drink was a delightful sensation, perfect for quenching my thirst.

The cranberry flavour was prominent, delivering a tangy and slightly sweet taste that was both enjoyable and refreshing. The combination of gin, cranberry, and tonic created a well-balanced and pleasing blend of flavours.

E.D.T Lychee Martini $24

I couldn’t resist ordering the E.D.T Lychee Martini (With Unicorn Sprinkles), and it turned out to be a delightful and visually stunning drink. The glass was sugar-coated in a vibrant pink hue, immediately giving it a feminine and fun vibe. As I took my first sip, the sweetness of the cocktail danced on my taste buds, making it a perfect choice for those with a sweet tooth. The addition of lychee brought a refreshing twist to the drink, balancing out the sweetness.

What truly made this cocktail stand out was the mesmerising and whimsical touch of unicorn sprinkles, making it a truly TikTok-worthy creation. It was not just a drink but an experience that brought joy and beauty to the table. I couldn’t help but feel like it was made for a girl’s night out or a special celebration.

Mojito $24

As I took the first sip, the refreshing mint leaves instantly revitalised my senses, creating a cooling and invigorating experience. The combination of lime juice and mint leaves provided a delightful balance of citrusy and herbal flavours that danced on my taste buds. What impressed me the most was how well the drink masked the taste of rum. Despite being an alcoholic beverage, it didn’t overpower the refreshing mint lime taste, making it enjoyable even for those who may not typically prefer strong alcoholic drinks.Β 

Caprioska $24

When I saw the Caprioska on the menu at E.D.T rooftop bar, I knew I had to try it. It’s a refreshing cocktail with a modern twist, blending the classic flavours of a Caipiroska with premium vodka, fresh lime, and a touch of sweetness. With its vibrant appearance and enticing aroma, it immediately caught my attention. The first sip greeted me with a burst of refreshing lime flavour and a perfect balance of sweet and sour. The smoothness of the premium vodka added a delightful richness to each sip. Served over crushed ice, it was the ideal drink for a warm summer evening, allowing me to relax and enjoy the moment.Β 

EDT rooftop bar and restaurant

At the moment, E.D.T Rooftop Bar is offering several enticing promotions that are worth considering. For whiskey enthusiasts, the Tamnavulin sherry whisky twin bottles are available for $368++, allowing you to indulge in this rich and flavourful spirit. If you prefer sparkling wine, Luc Belaire offers a great deal with their sparkling wine priced at $138++ per bottle, or an even better offer of $350++ for three bottles. Gin lovers can take advantage of the Botanist gin twin bottles promotion, priced at $328++, to enjoy the distinctive botanical flavours of this premium gin. Additionally, there is a 1-for-1 promotion on selected cocktails, allowing you to sample and enjoy a variety of refreshing drinks. These promotions provide excellent opportunities to savour high-quality spirits and cocktails at E.D.T Rooftop Bar while enjoying the stunning views and vibrant atmosphere.

Indulge in an unforgettable rooftop experience like no other at E.D.T Rooftop Bar in Singapore. From its vibrant atmosphere to its diverse culinary offerings, this rooftop bar delivers beyond expectations. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner, a lively night out with friends, or a cozy gathering with loved ones, E.D.T Rooftop Bar has something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour their exquisite dishes, such as the Lobster Bisque Soup and the G’Day Mate beef tenderloin. And be sure to pair your meal with one of their refreshing cocktails, like the E.D.T’s Red Rose or the In Love With Rosemary. With stunning views, impeccable service, and a range of enticing promotions, E.D.T Rooftop Bar is a must-visit destination for an extraordinary rooftop experience in Singapore.

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E.D.T Rooftop Bar and Restaurant
182 Clemenceau Avenue, Rooftop, Level, Singapore 239923

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 7am to 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 7am to 3am
Sunday: 7am to 12pm

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