9 Best Cheap Coffee Shop Mookata Around Singapore

It is not easy to find Cheap and tasty coffee shop Mookata around you, hence this is a list of the 9 best cheap coffee shop Mookata around Singapore! Mookata is like the best of all worlds. Those who love grill and steamboat can come together in a setting. After a long busy day, one would just want to chill in a coffee shop, slow grill and boil as we eat. It makes life living in Singapore amazing. Some might argue that Mookata might have better healing powers than medicine.

Yak kin Mookata – Bukit Merah

Yakin Mookata Bukit Merah Coffee Shop Cheap Prices

Location: Blk 2 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-5134, Singapore 150002

Located right at the heart of Jalan Bukit Merah, Yak Kin Mookata is located humbly at Get Together Coffee Shop, under HDB block 2. Yak Kin Mookata is very known for their fresh seafood, Big Juicy Hums, their own recipe marinated meats and their homemade chili. Majority of the meat is priced between $2.80 – $3.90 per serving. It’s super cheap!Β 

Big Juicy Hums at Yakin Mookata

Just look at the size of the hum! It is near the size of a palm! It is already soft boiled and ready to eat, but I prefer to char it a little more. When dipped with their meat sauce, it brought me to another level of shiokness and enjoyment I have never experienced before. I honestly think its not easy to find stalls that are selling hums that are that big. Laksa hums are usually so small, they could fit in between my teeth.


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As a Mookata lover, I love how they have the dedication to create 2 types of Chili sauce, one for meat and another for seafood. I got so addicted to the Chili sauce that they have created that I asked for 3 plates of it.

Unlike many mookata stalls that just serve marinated meat, their Tom Yam marinated meat and Truffle marinated meat was shockingly awesome. It’s a must-order! Try it and you will know how amazing it tastes

Mookata Hack: Try mixing their meat chili (the thicker and slightly darker one) into the boiled Dang Hoon and the mixture of it will blow your mind away.

888 Mookata – Yishun

888 Mookata Yishun Coffee Shop Cheap Affordable
Image taken from 888Mookata Facebook

Location: 414 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore 760414

888 Mookata is in Broadway Coffee Shop right beside Yishun Mall! 888 Mookata is opened by Mediacorp artistes Zhou Chong Qing and Chew Chor Meng! By opening in coffee shops, they are dedicated to offer cheap and affordable prices for the masses!Β 

They offer platters for 2 at only $26! The platter includes items like Scallop, de shelled tiger prawns, marinated pork and more!

Jub Jub Mookata – Choa Chu Kang

Jub Jub Mookata Choa Chu Kang Coffee Shop Cheap and Affordable

Location: 810 Choa Chu Kang Ave 7, Singapore 680810

When this stall was opened, I was like Wa! Choa Chu Kang finally have a Mookata stall sia! In a coffee shop some more. Indeed, Jub Jub Mookata is currently the only Mookata stall in Choa Chu Kang and they offer no less good food than anywhere else! Their meat can go as low as $1.90! Order like crazy!

Jub Jub Mookata Coffee Shop Mookata Choa Chu Kang
Image taken from JubJub Mookata Facebook

Known for their generous portions and cheap prices, Jub Jub Mookata even serves rarely seen foods like slipper lobsters and Shishamo. Large in variety, definitely worth the calories!

Bangkok street mookata – Ang Mo Kio

Bangkok Street Mookata Ang Mo Kio Coffee Shop Cheap and Affordable
Image taken from Bangkok street Mookata Facebook

Location: 421 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-1149, Singapore 560421

Bangkok Street Mookata has many outlets across Singapore and you might chance upon them as your cravings for mookata calls for you. They are right at HDB block 421 in the coffee shop Food Haus.Β 

Bangkok Street Mookata also serves online ordering so that you can have Mookata anytime anywhere! Its priced at 2 pax for $38, with $10 delivery charges (excluded), inclusive of stove, Chili and soup! If orders are above $88, delivery charges will be free!

Chok Dee Thai Food Mookata (ε₯½ι‹ζ³°εΌη«ι‹)- Tampines

Chok Dee Thai Food Mookata Tampines Coffee Shop Cheap and Affordable

Location: 445 Tampines Street 42, Singapore 520445

Beyond just serving mookata, they also have thai dishes like Thai Seafood Fried Rice, Thai Glass Noodle Salad, Mango Salad, Papaya Salad and more!Β 

They also have a set for 2 selling at $28 for 2 pax, with assorted meats, seafoods and vegetables.Β 

Chok Dee Thai Food Tampines Coffee Shop Stall

For more variety, they also have steamboat only sets for those who do not like to grill! Known for their impeccable services and cheap HDB priced, you will be sure to get your Mookata, Thai food cravings satisfied for less than a penny!Β 

Mookata Eating House – Bukit Panjang

Mookata Eating House Bukit Panjang Coffee Shop Cheap And Affordable

Location: 2 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, #01-26, Singapore 679947

This Mookata stall is located in a hawker center at Bukit Panjang! They are so well known for their unbelievably affordable prices. Fried Rice and Glass Noodles are less than $3, and Thai Mini Hotpot for just $5. This pricing is perfect for everyone and I doubt anyone can find a Thai stall with prices cheaper than this.Β 

Mookata Eating House at Coffee Shop Bukit Panjang BBQ Stingray

Their Mookata set for 3-4 pax is only $22! For added variety, their BBQ stingray is only $10. Super cheap indeed!Β 

Nong Moo – Sengkang

Nong Moo House of Thai Mookata Seng Kang Coffee Shop Cheap and affordable

Location: 10 Sengkang Square, Kopitiam Square, Singapore 544829

With just 3 mins away from SengKang Mrt, enjoy flavourful awesome Mookata at very affordable prices in a coffee shop right at SengKang Square. Beyond Mookata, Nong Moo also serves other Thai delight like Thai Basil Fried Rice, Tom Yum soup, Seafood Mama Noodles and more!

Nong Moo House of Thai Mookata Coffee Shop Cheap and Affordable
Nong Moo is known for their pork cheek so it’s a must try! You know how authentic they are when they have Grilled Tilapia Fish With Salt

Phuket town Mookata – Marymount

Phuket Town Mookata Marymount

Location: 1 Clover Way, Singapore 579077

Just about 5 mins walk from Marymount station, there sits a trendy looking coffee shop amongst the semi-d houses opposite Foo Wah industrial building. With outdoor seating and also a chill vibes environment, you will be sure to enjoy your Mookata in a quiet and cozy environment. I would say its one of the most perfect, cost-effective dating spot for couples as well. As the night falls, the environment around the coffee shop becomes quieter and the lights makes the outdoor seating area super romantic. Accompanied by such an awesome Mookata, you are definitely sure to impress your date with a home-run.Β 

Phuket town mookata Mega meat mountain

Something special about them is their Mega Meat Mountain $39.90, with 7 types of meat stalked like a mountain, and definitely sure to fill the stomachs of 4-5 people. If you order it with beef, it is only $49.90 for 4-6pax! Jio you friends now! They also have a mini volcano with beef for 2 pax at $30.90 with 6 kinds of meat, assorted sides and a vegetable platter.

Remember to ask for Cheese Dip sauce!
Mookata Hack:Β  Add their Thai Chilli sauce into the cheese dip and swirl. You will be amazed by this newly created sauce.

Thai Thai Mookata – Bukit Batok

Thai Thai Mookata Bukit Batok Coffee Shop Cheap and Affordable

Location: 2019 Bukit Batok Street 23, #01-262, Singapore 659524

Best known for their Chilli till the point people are purchasing bottles of their homemade chilli, Thai Thai Mookata also serves lunch sets other than Mookata!Β 

They have over 60 items on the menu and all their ingredients are fresh and well marinated by the owners of the shop themselves! Be in for an awesome treat!Β 

This sums up the 9 Best Cheap Coffee Shop Mookata in Singapore. All of them priced their ala carte dishes below $5 and one can eat till satisfactory without costing a bomb to our wallets. Many Coffee shop Mookata stalls also sell set meals and have their own authentic twist in their food. Do support them!

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