Slot Into A Secret Quirky Bar Hidden Behind Rows Of Japanese Vending Machines

If quirky speakeasy bars are what you seek, thenΒ Ume San 100Β has just the thing. Behind a row of jidōhanbaiki Japanese vending machines humming in seemingly listless existence, slot into the first of its kind, quirkiest Japanese Umeshu & Highball Bar that’s the new fad place to go to for a drink with friends.

The secret entrance hides theΒ largest collection ofΒ umeshu in Singapore, carrying only the best from Wakayama, the birthplace of umeshu. Eat, drink and be merry at Ume San 100 where umeshu sets the pace and food accompanies good times in a laidback bar modelled after traditional izakayas in Japan.

Discover the different profiles of umeshu like you’ve never encountered. More than just the classic variety that sips light, sweet and fresh, umeshus can be bold and malty with whisky umeshu, round and earthy with aged umeshu, and even fun and experimental with sake and sochu umeshus! Modern takes on umeshus can also be found with experimental drinks including tea umeshu, fruit and dessert umeshu and more. Exclusive cocktails at Ume San 100, shaken, stirred, and blended with varied ingredients for unique takes on the plum liquor. They are served alongside classic izakaya treats and bites reinvented with the Ume San 100 touch.

To Dine

Signature Nagoya Dry Prawn Ramen

As you sip on your favourite tipple, add some nibbles with Ume San 100 signatures like Umesan Nachi Pagoda, featuring four flavours of freshly made chinmi, crafted from ingredients imported from Japan.

Angry Chashu Soup Ramen

Slurp up some ramen goodness with the Signature Nagoya Dry Prawn Ramen, a springy dry ramen dish tossed mazesoba-style in a secret recipe sauce and embellished with freshwater prawns seared to perfection. Broth-based satisfaction can be found with the Ume San 100 creation Angry Asari Soup Ramen derived from an Asari white miso and pork bones broth simmered over long hours before sweetened with fresh Asari clams.

Bold, red meat presents itself with the Wagyu is the New Black Chahan, a rice bowl of fragrant and smoky charcoal rice cooked with a special house-made sauce and topped with wagyu beef cubes simply seasoned with salt and pepper and finished off with umami tobiko.

Other delights come as classic snacks reinvented, like the Lok Lok Oden, a serving of traditional Japanese oden skewers on sticks presented in a Kyushu traditional Japanese teapot kept warm over a portable gas cooker. Garlic Chicken Karage brings the classic Japanese-style fried chicken up a notch by frying it in garlic-infused oil for golden chicken nuggets laced with garlicky punch without being overpowering.

Ume San 100 (Grills, Fried, Classics)

The Mentaiko Kani Gratin transforms the hugely popular kani miso with a gratin spin by baking it in a crab shell and topping it off with rich mentaiko sauce. Uni lovers will not be disappointed with This Uni is the Bomb! where a crispy ball of uni bomb oozes molten uni from the centre when you bite into it.

For a sweet end, try the house-made Yamazaki Umeshu & Raisin Vanilla Gelato, a special in-house recipe creamy iced treat sweetened with raisins soaked in Yamazaki β€˜Whisky Blend–Rich Amber’ Umeshu and whipped into a umeshu and raisin gelato complete with a kick of alcohol.

To Drink

Drinks at Ume San 100 are umeshu-focused and curated to reflect the changing of the seasons so there is a new surprise each time you visit.

P!NK, Sea Garden, Pot De Fleurs

Sip umeshu dressed up in creative iterations beyond the imagination in drinks like the Pot DeFleurs, a glass inspired by the iconic gardens of Wakayama, the motherland of umeshu, translated into flavour with vanilla liqueur fresh milk, crème liqueur, cocoa powder, and elderflower syrup. The P!NK borrows a page from the grounds of Wakayama Castle during cherry blossom season, made to evoke the cherry blossoms of hanami with umeshu blanc, baiso, ground Sakura flowers and ume salt. The Sea Garden is another drink not to be missed, inspired by the famed diving centre of Wakayama and recreated in a diving orb with a gin blend of Plymouth and Genever, lime acid, prosecco, butterfly pea flower, and edible fairy dust.

More classic flavours can be sipped with Ume San 100’s highballs, available in close to 30 variations from Classic Ume Highball and Whisky Ume Highball to Shiso Ume Highball and TeaUme Highball. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, look no further than the Umeshu Bible, which is recorded recipes of umeshu in every possible blend you can think of.

Be sure to make a list and try them all for the most comprehensive umeshu experience found nowhere else!

The Space

Eat, drink, and be merry at Ume San 100where umeshu sets the pace and food accompany good times in a laid-back bar modelled after traditional izakayas in Japan. Sit back, relax, and let loose with wooden fixtures, bamboo bars, and high stools aplenty. Choose the bar for personal engagement with the bartenders or slip into specially carved-out booths that can seat parties of up to four each for more private merry-making. Setting the mood across the space are trinkets and treasures that transport one right back to Japan, from vintage posters and retro flag banners emulating Japanese Happy Hour.

Opening Promotion

To celebrate the world’s first clandestine meeting with Ume San 100, it is offering 50% off the Umesan Nachi Pagoda in the entire month of June (UP$20). Enjoy the chinmi of fresh seafood with a variety of drinks at only half the price.

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