5 Wine Wholesalers Smart Shoppers Should Know

We all know in the supply chain, that wine wholesalers are able to offer way more economical prices than retail shops, but who are they and where to find them? In the first series of smart shopping, we show you that buying wine directly from wholesalers is the secret to unlocking incredible savings and indulging in the finest vintages without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re stocking up for a party, hosting, or simply for your personal collection, wholesalers offer the perfect solution for bulk buys. Embrace the world of wholesale wine, where luxury meets affordability, and every sip becomes a toast to smart shopping.

1. Dunstan Vintner

Dunstan Vintner Wholesale Wine Singapore
Image taken from Dunstan Vintner Facebook

Dunstan Vintner only imports hand-harvested wines directly from the farm owners and has been supplying to top restaurants, bars, and bistros in Singapore for more than 5 years. They only set up their online store in 2022.

Dunstan Vintner has over 20 kinds of wines from Bulgaria, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. They hold wines from brands like Tyrian Cloud, McHenry Hohnen, Mario Giribaldi, PODERE IL COCCO and more.

E-store: Shopee
Price range: $39 – $100++
For B2B enquiries: +65 97326919 (Wayne)

2. Grandvin

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Grand Vin Pte Ltd was founded by Mr. Derek Lee in 1996 and since its conception, the company has had a reputation of representing the best wine labels of the world like Champagne Louis Roederer, Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), E.Guigal, Domaine Faiveley, Hundred Acre including establishing long-standing partnerships with Petrus, Jean-Pierre Moueix, Domaine Leflaive and many other renowned brands.Β Β 

E-store: Grandvin
Price range: $20 – $45,000

3. WineHours

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Celebrating more than 20 years in business, Wine Hours is a family-owned business, is a leading American wine lover, American Wine Expert (AWE) certified and Wine Passion since 2008.Β 

1976 WINEHOURS is an American Brand Serving one of the most iconic wine selections in Singapore. As a trusted wine buyer and distributor, and with decades of experience in the wine market, they have been able to develop partnerships with producers throughout North America, as well as France.

They are your go-to if you are looking for wines from America

E-store: winehours
Price range: $20 – $13,000

4. Cellarmaster

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Cellarmaster started off as a wine club amongst friends and has grown to become the leading wine distributor in Singapore. Backed by an extensive portfolio of wines from around the world including Italy, Spain, France, Australia, United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany and Chile, they are confident that your new favourite wine is waiting to be discovered.

More than just good wine, Cellarmaster Wines is also the exclusive distributor with the largest collection of RIEDEL glassware in Singapore.

E-store: cmwines
Price Range: $15 – $900

5. Italian Wine Club

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The Club wineries and wines have been carefully chosen after years of tasting, visits and personal acquaintance with the producers. For Italian Wine Club,Β  wine is not like other drinks!

Italian Wine Club wines reflect the flavour and style of Italian life, the most authentic of traditions with contemporary refinement. Real wines, countrymen in the most noble sense of the word that are food friendly and therefore ideal table companions. As in the best of Italian tradition.

Your go-to if you are looking for wines from Italy!

E-store: itwineclub
Price Range: $40 – $7500

Majority of the revenue generated for wholesalers are from supplying large amounts of their imports to businesses in Singapore. The mass market might not know of them due to less marketing efforts done towards the retail market.

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