Celebrate Sake And Its Diverse Range Of Taste And Flavours At The Inaugural Launch Of โ€˜Sake Meguri 2023โ€™ In Singapore

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While beers and wines have long held their place in the world of alcohol, the spotlight is now on the rising popularity of sake among younger audiences. To cater to this increasing appreciation of sake, โ€˜Sake Meguri 2023โ€™ will be launched for the first time in Singapore on 22 July 2023 at Peridot 201-203 @ MAX Atria, Singapore Expo. Sake enthusiasts will not only have the chance to taste over 200 prime sake labels, but also get to learn more about the history of each sake. Representatives from 18 leading sake breweries all over Japan will be flying in specially for this event to share the story, culture, and history behind the sakes that they will be bringing in.

With the heightened appreciation for Sake in Singapore, Sake Meguri 2023 aims to highlight the rich, cultural heritage of sake breweries in Japan and provide an experiential journey to its attendees. This event is organised by Sake.sg, which has been bringing in a diverse range of sake from breweries all over Japan since 1999, from mass-market sake to more exclusive and premium beverages. A wide selection of high-end and rare sakes will be made available to attendees at Sake Meguri 2023, along with other exclusive, unique labels from Japan such as Born Chogin, TANAKA1789xCHARTIER Blend 001, Masumi Junmai Daiginjo Nakadori Nanago, Nanbubijin All Koji, Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo 8 years Snow Aged, and more. Early-bird tickets for the event is priced at $58 per ticket (U.P. $65), $199 (U.P. $220) for a group of 4, and $399 (U.P. $520) for 10 persons to attend. Each ticket includes a goodie bag worth more than $40 and a complimentary Riedal glass. On top of that, attendees will also have access to exclusive โ€˜Star Buyโ€™ sake promotions of up to 50% off.

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Sake is a traditional Japanese beverage made from fermented rice with more than 2500 years of history. Like beers and wine, it goes through a brewing process which converts the starch in rice into sugar. It is made from 4 main ingredients โ€” rice, water, yeast and Koji (the spores of a fungus โ€˜Aspergillus Oryzaeโ€™). The brewing process takes about two to three months, and then matures for a minimum of three months before brewers ship the final product. From the polishing of the rice to yeast and fermentation, each stage of the brewing process is carefully managed and to produce the resulting characteristics of sake. Traditionally, sake is best enjoyed with Japanese sashimi or during Izakaya. However, the mellow and smooth taste of sake also makes it an ideal accompaniment to the spices and flavours of various cuisines in Singapore, including Chinese and even Peranakan cuisines.

Besides access to a plethora of Sakes, attendees also can attend masterclasses conducted by Sake sommeliers such as Joshua Kalinan, Master Sake Sommelier and Sake Sommelier of the year 2018. Priced at $60 per ticket, these masterclasses will give attendees a glimpse into the world of sakes, with tasting sessions and opportunities to learn about tasting notes, flavour profiles, and how unique types of Sake are brewed. The Masterclass titled โ€œIs Sake Ideal To Pair With Our Local Hawker Fair?โ€ will provide understanding into how attendees can pair different types of sake to our local food, while โ€œDoes Terroir Exist In Our Sakeโ€ serves to provide deeper insights into the factors that contribute to the production of Sake.

As Sake becomes an increasingly popular beverage of choice, Eric Ong, Director at sake.sg, believes that this event will expose more Singaporeans to the ever-expanding world of Sake beverages. He said: โ€œOver the years, we’ve been expanding our selection of Sake varieties from various prefectures of Japan, aiming to provide Singaporean consumers with exciting new experiences. By offering a diverse range of bottle designs and tastes, as well as showcasing the unique aromas and profiles of each type, we hope to introduce our customers to the art of brewing Sake using different types of water, rice, and yeasts. Through this journey, we believe that learning about the intricacies of Sake brewing will make the experience all the more enjoyable and engaging.โ€

Early-bird ticket sales for Sake Meguri 2023 will commence in May 2023 and can be purchased via https://sakemeguri.sg



Date: 22 July 2023

Venue: MAX Atria, Singapore Expo, Peridot Room 1 & 2

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