Old Chang Kee’s Parent’s Day Mini Buffet till 25 June 2023

At the heart of every delicacy lies a combination of spices and carefully selected ingredients. Whether it is to achieve impeccable taste, fragrance, or an exotic appearance, at Old Chang Kee, we infuse the best of Asian tastes with local traditions to bring you gastronomic experiences unlike any other.

Old Chang Kee is pleased to announce the launch of the Parent’s Day Mini Buffet from now until 25 June 2023.  Priced at #238++, you can get 1 noodle/rice, 1 chicken dish, 1 prawn dish, 1 fish dish, 1 vegetable dish, and even a dessert and a snack platter. It’s definitely worth the value!

For the full menu, check out the picture below:

To order, visit the Old Chang Kee website. You can also order bento meals, snack platters, and many other dishes for all occasions on the website.

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