Menya Kokoro Unveils New โ€˜ Super โ€™ Summer Menu

Whyย โ€˜Superโ€™?ย Each bowl from Menya Kokoroโ€™s new โ€˜Superโ€™ Summer Menu showcases a unique identity that is simply perfect for the season! Looking to beat the heat? Enjoy a fresh slurp of cold noodles with theย SUPER FRESH!ย Citrus Hiyashi Seafood Ramenย or a nutritious unagi bowl โ€“ย SUPER UNAGI!ย Unakatsu Donburiย โ€“ for an added boost. For power-packed bowls full of flavour, dig into the richย SUPER MENTAI CHEESE!ย Mazesobaย or savour an elevated classic imbued with garlic five ways in theย SUPER GARLIC!ย Mazesoba to fuel you through the warm days ahead. As part of their โ€˜Superโ€™ Summer Menu launch, enjoy theย second bowl at 50% off from 15 to 18 and 22 to 25 May 2023 only.

Using only fresh noodles that are handmade in-stores daily, savour Menya Kokoroโ€™s signature springy noodles with a delightfully chewy mouthfeel made from whole grain Japanese wheat flour imported directly from Japan. Exclusively at the 100AM outlet, enjoy a bowl of mazesoba while the soothing noodle-making process mesmerises you through the glass show kitchen as smooth doughy strands are churned, portioned, and bundled for use.

Savour all four โ€˜Superโ€™ Summer Menu items in-stores from 1 May 2023 onwards, while stocks last!

SUPER FRESH! Citrus Hiyashi Seafood Ramen,$15.80 (R), $17.80 (L)

As delicious as a hot steaming bowl of noodles can be, when the days are hot and humid, nothing quite beats the refreshing taste of chilled noodles. For those who love ramen but want a cooler alternative in the sweltering heat, the Citrus Hiyashi Seafood Ramen provides cool relief with its light and refreshing dried bonito broth uplifted with an appetisingly tart dash of lime juice that is served cold. Each bowl is topped with naturally sweet scallops, clams, juicy prawns and garnished with chilli strings, julienned leek, and slices of lime.

SUPER MENTAI CHEESE! Mazesoba, $16.30 (R), $18.30(L)

A hearty bowl of cheesy and creamy dry ramen goodness comes in the form of this Mentai Cheese Mazesoba to stave off the sweltering months ahead. Toss the firm, chewy noodles that are specially made in-house together with a colourful assortment of ingredients such as spring onions, Menya Kokoroโ€™s Signature minced meat, corn, tobiko, edamame, seaweed flakes, crispy tempura flakes, a flowy onsen egg with mozzarella cheese and flame-seared mentai for a party in the mouth! Deep-fried to golden perfection, ebi fry tops off the bowl and cuts through the richness of the sauce. Add a dash of kombu vinegar for a tangy bite.

SUPER GARLIC! Mazesoba, $15.80 (R), 17.80(L)

Garlic may be available all year-round, but it is at its peak during Summer! This season, enjoy the pungent garlic four ways in one bowlโ€“crispy garlic chips, fresh garlic, chopped garlic, and garlic paste. Mix it all up with spring onions, seaweed, chashu, Menya Kokoroโ€™s Signature minced meat sauce and an onsen egg for the ultimate garlic noodles. Seriously addictive, garlic lovers be sure not to miss this!

SUPER UNAGI! Unakatsu Donburi, $17.80 (R), $19.80 (L)

Did you know? The Japanese often eat unagi during Summer because it is extra nutritious for an added stamina boost during the hot months! Enjoy this comforting Japanese rice bowl dish elevated with a giant slice of golden battered deep-fried unagi-katsu. Crunch into the double battered unagi-katsu that is crisp on the outside while remaining tender on the inside, going perfectly with fluffy Japanese rice that soaks up the sweet and savoury unagi sauce. Two types of eggsโ€“onsen egg and tamagoyaki, Japanese sweet omeletteโ€“yellow pickled daikon and shredded seaweed also crown the bowl.

โ€˜Superโ€™ Summer Menu Launch Promotion

  • 15โ€“18 May 2023, Monday to Thursday
  • 22โ€“25 May 2023, Monday to Thursday

Twoโ€™s a crowd, grab a buddy to enjoy 50% off the second bowl purchased! Exclusively for Menya Kokoroโ€™s โ€˜Superโ€™ Summer Menu, only at Suntec (#03-313), 100AM (#02-10), and Plaza Singapura (#B2-53). Savour the fresh and energising flavours of Summer in all four delightful creations from cold soupy noodles to dry mixing mazesoba and even a hearty rice bowl to fuel you through the season!

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