Yakiniku Like Launches New Spring Seasonal Menu

Spring Special Menu Honey Pepper Flavor

Get excited as fast-casual Japanese BBQ restaurant Yakiniku Like launches delectable new flavours for the spring season! The authentic chain originates in Japan and is renowned for being the first to popularise the “hitori yakiniku” (one-person barbecue) concept. With 93 locations in Japan alone and restaurants in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Indonesia, and Thailand, Yakiniku Like is the world’s fastest-growing casual yakiniku restaurant chain.


Honey Pepper Pork Belly Set

Introducing the brand-new Honey Pepper flavour, which combines a delectable honey sauce with the subtle kick of black pepper. The natural sweetness of honey perfectly enhances the mild tastes of chicken and pork, while coarsely ground black pepper adds depth and gentle heat to the mix. The resulting blend of sweet and savoury creates a truly mouth-watering experience that you won’t want to miss out on.

There are two sets available to choose from. The Honey Pepper Pork Belly & Tontoro Set is ideal for fans of melt-in-your-mouth meat cuts, while Honey Pepper Pork, Chicken & Tontoro Set offers a good balance of tender chicken and juicy pork. Both sets feature juicy Tontoro (fatty pork jowl), which is a must-have item for yakiniku in Japan thanks to its superior marbling and flavour.

Honey Pepper Pork, Chicken & Tontoro Set (150g/250g) $14.90 / $18.90
Honey Pepper Pork Belly & Tontoro Set (150g/250g) $15.90 / $19.90
Honey Sauce & Lemon $0.80


Spring Special Menu Chirashi Wrap

Yakiniku Like is introducing DIY chirashi wraps for a limited time! (Chirashi 散らしmeans β€œscattered” in Japanese and refers to scattering ingredients over rice.) Making your own wraps adds to the interactive quality of the yakiniku experience, which customers of all ages are sure to enjoy.

In addition to the usual rice, soup, and kimchi that come with Yakiniku Like’s set meals, the Chirashi & Karubi Set includes ingredients to create your own sushi roll: dried seaweed sheets (nori), thinly sliced cucumber, chopped Japanese ginger, and shredded Japanese omelette (tamagoyaki). The seaweed sheets can be quickly grilled for a few seconds before wrapping to add an aromatic crunch.

Make Your Own Chirashi Instruction Card

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie at wrapping sushiβ€”instruction cards are provided to serve as a guide. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, so feel free to get creative and put your own spin on it. Try your hand at making your own Chirashi Wrap today!

Chirashi & Karubi Set (100g/200g/300g) $12.90 / $17.90 / $22.90
DIY Chirashi Wrap $2.50


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