Explore Common Man Night Shift w Over 80 Wines & New Menu

Common Man Coffee Roasters unveils their all-new after-dark extension, Common Man Night Shift. Explore over 80 labels of artisanal natural wines from all around the world, all of which pair perfectly with a brand-new menu.

Once known as Drunken Farmer, the leading natural wine bar located within Common Man Coffee Roasters will turn into a vinous experience come sundown. The restaurant is home to a huge variety of labels of natural wines starting from $60 a bottle as well as 18 labels served by the glass ranging from $13 to $16 alongside an ensemble of elegant and flavoursome dishes with unexpected flavour combinations crafted with inspiration from all around the globe.


Relax, have fun, and explore Common Man Night Shift’s repertoire of 80 labels of natural wine. With a diverse range of flavours and specially-curated taste profiles,
there is a wine to suit everyone. From fresh and easy drinking, to robust, bold and earthy notes, there will always be something new and exciting to explore.

Exceptionally curated by the Drunken Farmer Team** (the online natural wine purveyors), all wines are ethically sourced from small-batch producers that’s
dedicated to the au naturel philosophy of β€œnothing added, nothing taken away”. Common Man Night Shift promises a fun, tasty and unintimidating adventure with loads to choose from based on personal preference perfect for both natural wine enthusiasts and freshies.

Staying true to the ethos of making natural wines more accessible, the wine bar offers a strong selection of wines by the glass at $13 to $16 or opt for a flight of 3 glasses at $50 for a casual yet exciting session of natural wine exploration. The flights can include off-menu labels – there’s something new and fun for everyone with every visit.

The extensive selection of natural wines by the glass (probably the biggest range in Singapore) gives customers the freedom to choose and experiment without investing in a full bottle while allowing the team to better ascertain their wine preferences. Furthermore, debunking the myth that natural wine nights are expensive, half of Common Man Night Shift’s wine program are priced below $100.

Amp up the experience at Common Man Night Shift with the perfect pairings of natural wines and the all-new menu offerings.


Common Man Night Shift’s new menu is diverse, exquisite and pairs beautifully with the selection of natural wines. Not restricted to a specific cuisine type, Common Man Night Shift’s menu is a fun mash-up of delicious familiar flavours from various cities across the globe. Inspiration is taken from around the world, made with a Japanese flair, and dotted with flavours reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Green Hummus

Kick things off with freshly made Hummus ($12) and Labneh ($12), served with freshly baked sourdough flatbread. The Labneh is perfectly balanced with a tang, it’s lush, rich and creamy nature is elevated with an aromatic herb oil; while the Green Hummus is smooth, creamy and has a local twist with flavours lead by laksa leaves and coriander.

Duck Foie Gras Pie

Dig into the elegant yet hearty Cacio E Pepe Udon Pasta ($24) made from housemade QQ Udon noodles tossed in an unctuous Cacio e Pepe cream (Pecorino Cheese and black pepper) topped with a runny egg and a mound of parmesan shaving, and a Duck & Foie Gras Pie ($38), a decadent duck and foie gras pie. Cut into the flaky puff pastry made by Tiong Bahru Bakery, and indulge in a luxurious filling of duck mince, foie gras, and black truffles. Served with a fruity burnt apple
puree, sweet and umami orange miso sauce and a side of arugula and fennel salad.

Sweet Dreams of Stracciatella

It would not be Common Man Night Shift without their signature 12” Sourdough Pizzas. A must-try on the menu are the Sweet Dreams of Stracciatella ($26), a unique offering that marries the savoury flavours of the Mortadella, Mozzarella, and the sweetness of the dreamy pistachio paste and honey; Umami Magic ($22), the ultimate flavour bomb with a mushroom medley of oyster and shimeiji, creaminess from ricotta and mozzarella, richness from the poached egg, topped with ma la chilli crisps for that touch of aromatic spice.

The Original M

Load up on freshness with a zesty Panzanella ($18) and Grilled Vegetable Salad ($20). The Panzanella is a classic Italian tomato salad with a CMCR twist, loaded with fresh herbs, a tangy mustard dressing and brought to another level with a candied peanut and sesame brittle. The Grilled Vegetable salad ($20) is no boring old salad; flash grilled to perfection, the flavours and crisp textures of the vegetables is accentuated with a beautiful orange miso and briny anchovy cream dressing for that contrast of sweet and umami notes.

Yuzu Cheesecake

Round off the evening on a sweet yet perfectly balanced note with the Japanese inspired Yuzu Cheesecake ($14) and Okinawa Black Sugar Tiramisu ($16) desserts. The Yuzu Cheesecake ($14) is a creamy delight spiked with yuzu flavours and served with an earthy herb oil. The Okinawa Black Sugar Tiramisu ($16) is an interesting take on the Italian classic. Savoiardi dipped in Hojicha and served with a Okinawa Black sugar and soy sauce caramel for hits of sweet, creamy and salty.

With uncommon brews extending through the night, Common Man Night Shift looks set to tantalise with its highly-curated list of natural wines, and a bevy of delicious dishes. Common Man Night Shift is now open from Tuesday till Sunday.

You can find more information about Common Man Night Shift here.

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