Prepare Iftar Meals Easily and Conveniently With Ellaziq, a Purveyor of Halal-Certified Meat Products by OTS Holdings

This holy month of Ramadan, prepare hearty meals for Iftar easily and conveniently with Ellaziq’s wide range of halal-certified meats products. A concept by OTS Holdings, Ellaziq brings to the table premium meat products and snacks for quick yet delicious meals. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time breaking fast with your loved ones!

El-Dina Beef Bakso ($5.20)

One of Ellaziq’s best sellers is the El-Dina Beef Bakso ($5.20). These plump and juicy meatballs get their rich flavour from the quality beef cuts. Fuss-free and versatile, the ypair well with soups, vegetable stir-fries, and with sambal balado. Rich in protein, the El-Dina Dendeng Lembu ($14.95) is a highly popular snack that is typically available only during Ramadan bazaars. Now you can skip the long queues and enjoy it at home! El-Dina Dendeng Lembu features a sweet and boldly spiced beef jerky made with quality ground beef, and boasts superb tenderness and juiciness. This is perfect also as a side dish.

El-Dina Chicken Cheese Cocktail Sausage ($3.45)

Other popular favourites include the El-Dina Chicken Cheese Cocktail Sausage ($3.45)—take one bite and the creamy and savoury cheese centre will burst and ooze! The sausage can be prepared in multiple ways, from grilling to pan-frying and air-frying. Layer it within a mini bun, then bake it, and enjoy it as sustenance for Sahur—saving time and energy on the meal prep!

El-Dina Chicken Meat Loaf Black Pepper ($3.80)

Not to be missed is the El-Dina Chicken Meat Loaf Black Pepper ($3.80), which is made with succulent chicken thigh and breast meat imported from Brazil! Ground black pepper lends a subtle kick to the meat loaf. No MSG and artificial flavouring are used for this offering.

Finally, no meal will be complete without the El-DinaBalacan Chilli Paste ($3.45). Offering the perfect interplay of tangy, savoury, umami, garlicky, and fiery, this paste works well as a condiment to enliven any dish. It can also be used as a stir-fry accompaniment to any protein or vegetable.

Besides the above-mentioned items, Ellaziq carries a wide repertoire of offerings, including Chicken Curry with Potatoes, Dendeng Ayam Pedas and Chicken Breakfast Sausage, during the Hari Raya festive season. Delight your loved ones and guests with a traditional feast without having to fuss over complicated recipes and ingredient shopping!

Online Set Promotions

Shop online and enjoy the convenience of having the items delivered right to your doorstep! These festive sets are available via as well as Ellaziq’s Shopee, LazMall, and Qoo10 channels.

Ellaziq’s e-store

  • For the month of April, enjoy free delivery for orders over $30 + enter additional discount code APR2OFF for $2 off $35, and APR4OFF for $4 off $50
  • Ramadan Festive Set A – $22.60: Dendeng 500g + Honey Baked Chicken Slice 500g / Chicken Ham 1kg
  • Ramadan FestiveSet B – $17.15: Oriental Chicken Sausage + Crispy Prawn Chilli 340g
  • Ramadan Festive Set C – $14.80: EL-Dina Chicken Meat Loaf (Bundle of 2) + Chicken Floss 80g OR CrispyPrawn Chilli 340g

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