Enjoy Peace of Mind this Ramadan as Deli Hub Launches Singapore’s Largest Ever Nasi Ambeng

Raya Fiesta your way this Ramadan period and enjoy peace of mind with Deli Hub’s latest offering! Deli Hub, brought to you by Neo Group, has been proudly serving up delicious, Halal-certified meals to the community since 2004. Available from theΒ 20thΒ of March till the 30thΒ of April, this feast comes in two sizes, Classic for 3-4pax at $128 (available for delivery with a minimum order of 2 sets), and Giant for up to 15pax at $488.

Early birds can enjoy Deli Hub’s early bird promotion and order the Giant Nasi Ambeng by the 3rd of April for $438!

Breaking fast has never been easier, as Deli Hub’s Giant Nasi Ambeng allows friends and family to gather over a hearty meal featuring only the best ingredients, unite over the spirit of togetherness, and bond over delicious food. Served on a giant plate that spans over 28 inches or 70cm wide in diameter, treat friends and family to a mountain of lovingly curated food. Once devoured, the plate is for you to keep, with no collection required. Featuring only the best traditional ingredients, this humongous Nasi Ambeng brings the best Malay and Javanese delicacies in one gigantic platter that comes together in a vibrant spectacle!

Those tucking into the Giant Nasi Ambeng can look forward to feasting on fragrant Blue Pea Rice surrounded by a sea of meticulously cooked sides such as golden brown Begedils, punchy Udang Sambal (Prawn), fragrant Sambal Long Bean & Tempeh, refreshing, Sambal Eggs, perfectly grilled Chicken Satays, crispy Anchovies, Peanuts, and Keropok, tender Beef Rendang, succulent Fried Chicken Wings, and topped off with aromatic Sambal Chilli. For those enjoying the Classic version suitable for 3-4pax, look forward to all of the previously mentioned, less Chicken Satay, Keropok, and Fried Chicken Wings; the Classic version also allows the option of Chicken Rendang or Beef Rendang.

Create everlasting connections and memories with friends and family this Ramadan period, as Deli Hub’s Nasi Ambeng brings the essence of communal eating that is the very heart of the dish.

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