Check Out This K-POP theme & Pet-Friendly Restaurant With Amazing Korean Food

Authentic Korean restaurant where KPOP meets animals?! Check out K-POP themed, pet-friendly Nayana Korean Restaurant with amazing Korean food!


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Nayana Korean Restaurant is an indoor, pet-friendly restaurant located at Poiz Centre which offers a wide variety of Korean delights. The interior is plastered with the faces of your favourite KPOP idols, and the catchy songs can be enjoyed while youโ€™re having your meal!

Nayana Korean Restaurant Hotplate Chicken Dakgalbi

Hotplate Chicken Dakgalbi ($32.90)

In a portion great for sharing, this dish was one of my favourites! I loved the addition of cheese on top of the hotplate fried rice, and the chicken in the fried rice was well-marinated. As always, I love the charred crispy rice that results from leaving the fried rice on the hotplate for a while longer.

Nayana Korean Restaurant Sweet Chilli Fried Chicken

Sweet Chilli Fried Chicken ($12.90)

Honestly, this was another highlight of the meal. Their sweet chilli fried chicken was covered with a generous pool of sweet, savoury sauce, which was not too spicy, so itโ€™s suitable for those who cannot handle spicy food!

I donโ€™t know how the chicken managed to retain its crispiness despite being drowned in sauce, but it did! I especially loved that it was served boneless. Overall, a super satisfying plate of fried chicken at an affordable price!

Nayana Korean restaurant Seafood Pancake

Seafood Pancake ($17.90)

One of the better seafood pancakes out there! It was crispy and yet moist on the inside. The fragrant pancake batter incorporated fresh seafood, such as squid and prawns.

Nayana Korean Restaurant Tofu Stew

Tofu Stew ($15.90)

A hearty stew with a spicy kick for all spice lovers! This came with a generous amount of tofu, prawns and vegetables such as zucchini.

Nayana Korean Restaurant Oreo Banana Bingsu

Oreo Banana Bingsu ($12.90)

The perfect way to end every meal – dessert! Their shaved milk was light on the palette, while the ice cream served on top was creamy! The addition of sliced, sweet bananas paired surprisingly well with oreo crumbs too!

We also saw some customers bring in their pets, and I think itโ€™s a great spot to hang out with your fur buddies after a long day at work or even during the weekends!

Overall, you can trust that your trip to Nayana Korean Restaurant (Poiz Centre) would not end in disappointment, and I certainly enjoyed the food and the relaxing atmosphere.ย 


Nayana Kpop Cafe & Restaurant @ Poiz

51 Upper Serangoon Road, Poiz Center #01-28ย Singapore 347697
Operating hours:
Open daily from 11.30am – 3.30pm, 5pm – 12am (last order at 11pm)

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