Subway Launches Chocolate Chip Siew Dai with Alchemy Foodtech

Alchemy Foodtech, a venture-backed, award-winning, Singapore-based carbohydrates and sugar reduction food technology company is proud to announce its expansion into sugar reduction solutions, which are now used in Subway’s most popular cookie island-wide.

Launched across Singapore in February 2023, this new β€œborn in Singapore” cookie is aptly named β€˜Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai’. β€˜Siew Dai’ means β€œless sugar” in Hokkien, the term is widely recognised by Singaporeans of all walks of life.

Alchemy Fibre technology helped to reduce the sugar content from 17.5g in the original Chocolate Chip cookie to almost half in the lower sugar version while maintaining the same amount of chocolate goodness.

Subway new launch chocolate chip siew dai with Alchemy Foodtech

β€œAs our innovation was done on the cookie base, customers will still get to enjoy the same amount of chocolatey goodness as we kept the amount of chocolate chip the same. We are pleased that our technology solution was so well-received and hope that consumers will like the new and healthier Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai as well,” says Verleen Goh, Co-Founder, and Chief Technology Officer of Alchemy Foodtech.

Alchemy Foodtech’s patented Alchemy FibreTM technology platform is based on plant ingredients to replace sugars, carbs and reduce glycemic index while delivering great taste and texture. As a technology partner, Alchemy Foodtech collaborates with companies on healthy and tasty food offerings.

With its new expansion into sugar reduction, Alchemy Foodtech is formulating more solutions for sugar reduction in cakes, cookies, beverages, ice creams, and more, in line with the company’s mission to β€˜Make Carbs Good’, drive sustainable healthy consumption in staples and treats with more partners.

Alchemy Fibre - Make Carbs Good

Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai retails from $1.70 and is available island-wide in participating Subway outlets, Grab, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo delivery platforms.



Alchemy Foodtech is a venture-backed, award-winning Singapore-based deep tech company with a mission to β€œMake Carbs Good” by helping the world eat better refined carbohydrates by lowering sugar impact from foods and reducing sugar intake. This helps with incidence and improve the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Our research on plant ingredient characterisation, data analysis and AI prediction combined with knowledge from food science and biochemistry enables us to developed different blends of Alchemy FibreTM that is proven to make carbs healthier.

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