Herbal Pharm – 5 Sg centric supplements for Singaporeans

Concerned about the increasingly greying population in Singapore, the founder of Herbal Pharm embarked on a lifelong journey to keep Singaporeans healthy for as long as possible. Herbal Pharm, a Made With Passion Singapore brand, was established in 2004 and has stayed focused on supplementing the Singaporean lifestyle with a range of premium, nutraceutical products that would help Singaporeans to live healthier and live better.

5 Singapore-Centric Supplements – For a Uniquely Hot, Humid, Health-Conscious Nation

Prior to the government’s War Against Diabetes campaign launch in 2016, Herbal Pharm had already started researching a specific supplement that could help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in individuals due to increasing demand from their Singaporean customers. Based on data from several additional scientific research papers on the efficacy of Nopal Cactus (prickly pear), Herbal Pharm created the Dia-Med Nopal Cactus vegetarian capsules that is to date, the company’s top seller. Dia-Med Nopal Cactus helps maintain sugar levels in individuals yet keeps them energetic.

Herbal Pharm Dia-Med Nopal Cactus vegetarian capsules supplment

Herbal Pharm’s second bestseller is an eye supplement, the i360. Singaporeans spend long hours at work, in front of the computer screen, and in air-conditioned offices as a respite from the hot weather, and many suffer from dry eye symptoms which this capsule supplement helps to alleviate and prevent long-term eye problems from developing.

Herbal Pharm i360 supplement

Also popular with an active, aging population is Herbal Pharm’s NutraJoint Gold Flex for cartilage and joint care to enable those with joint pains to exercise regularly and keep diabetes and other health issues at bay.

Herbal Pharm Nutrajoint goldflex supplement

From living in hot and humid weather, another common health issue that besets Singaporeans is eczema or atopic dermatitis. With more than 50% of sufferers having the condition for life, and more than 1 in 104 Singaporeans experiencing eczema in their lifetime, Herbal Pharm’s response was to launch the Traditional Aleppo Soap 30% Laurel Oil bar soap and shower gel for those with sensitive skin conditions, and this has proven popular as well.

Herbal Pharm Traditional Aleppo Soap 30% Laurel Oil Soap Bar

Finally, for the hardworking late-night and long-hour workers who have a tendency to contract urinary incontinence, bladder control issues, or urinary tract infections, the company has also introduced the Bladder Support Formula to support a healthier bladder system.

Herbal Pharm – For a Better You, Better All Around

Herbal Pharm’s tagline, For a Better You, pervades the entire organisation, from better distribution channels (same-day delivery island-wide with dedicated delivery fleet), better communications (ongoing sharing of health and product knowledge via multiple channels and platforms), better quality (ISO-certified, globally sourced ingredients from Bio EU and GMP accredited suppliers) to better customer experiences (focus on personal touch with more than 25 trained customer service staff). Herbal Pharm is today, a leading trusted nutraceutical company serving the health needs of 40,000 Singaporeans annually.

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