Crystal Jade Brings You a Bountiful Year of The Rabbit 2023

Celebrate new beginnings with Crystal Jade festive dishes and menus designed for dining in and takeaway

Enjoy limited-time festive dishes and a variety of set menus catered for different group sizes for dine-in, as well as thoughtfully-curated and convenient takeaway specialties โ€“ back by popular demand, the Auspicious Reunion Feast

Festive Takeaway Bundle is a beautiful, customised gift box updated with tantalising brand-new dishes. Chinese New Year dining at Crystal Jade restaurants* will commence from 4 Jan 2023 (select outlets will be closed on 22 Jan 2023) and set menus for up to ten persons are available.

Reservations can be made at outlets or online via here

Festive takeaway goodies can be pre-ordered online at here and outlets from 21 Nov 2022 to 5 Feb 2023 and are ready for pick up from outlets island-wide from 4 Jan 2023.

*Please refer to the full restaurant list for individual outlet details

NEW! Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yusheng ็Ž‰ๅ…”่ฟŽๆ˜ฅไบ”่ฐทไธฐ็™ปๆžๅ‚
$208 for large | $138 for small

This yearโ€™s rendition is a riff on the savoury โ€˜Shundeโ€™-style yusheng โ€“traditionally, this unassuming and simple version comprises only of raw fish slices, oil and peanuts.

A pleasing green palette of crunchy frisรฉe lettuce, cucumber, ice plant and kaffir lime leaves, the Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yusheng also includes other ingredients like onions, carrots, jellyfish head, pomelo,
dried persimmon, and red capsicum that dot the wholesome combination with a vibrant touch of colour โ€“ roasted peanuts and cashews impart additional texture and fragrance.

Instead of raw fish, Group Executive Chef Martin Foo has incorporated tender slices of Australian sea cucumber that has been laboriously prepped and braised for several hours in a seasoned broth. Tossed with a superior soy sauce-based dressing with aromatic shallot oil and a tinge of sweetness, the yusheng is light,
refreshing and extremely appetising.

Online order from 21 Nov 2022 and collection from 4 Jan 2023 at select outlets. Home delivery option available.

From 21 Nov 2022 to 1 Feb 2023, customers can place their orders in person at Crystal Jade restaurants and bakery outlets, or online here. Collection of orders can be made from 4 Jan 2023 at select Crystal Jade outlets.

Home delivery is available between 4 โ€“ 18 Jan and 26 Jan โ€“ 5 Feb 2023 with a delivery fee of $30. A fee of $40 applies for delivery on 19, 20 and 25 Jan 2023.


Crystal Jade Reunion Feast Festive Take Away Bundle Deal CNY 2023
From top (clockwise): Fortune Fried Glutinous Rice with Conpoy wrapped in Opeh Leaf, Dang Gui Crispy Salted Chicken, Lo Hei, Prosperity Carrot Cake & Pencai

Thoughtfully curated to include quintessential festive dishes, Auspicious Reunion Feast Festive Takeaway Bundle ่ดบๅฒ็ฆๆปก้‡‘่ฃ…ๅค–ๅธฆๅฅ—้ค ($488 for 5 โ€“ 7 persons) is a five-course feast that is also a popular gifting bestseller and convenient choice for a fuss-frill but delicious reunion dinner or gathering. Besides a Reunion Yusheng with Abalone with a full can of 10-head abalone to herald prosperous tidings, the set also includes Treasure Pot, a newly-introduced Fortune Fried Glutinous Rice with Conpoy wrapped in Opeh Leaf ไนŒๅทดๅถ็‘ถๆŸฑ็‚’็ณฏ็ฑณ้ฅญ, (available a la carte at $25.80), Dang Gui Crispy Salted Chicken and a Prosperity Carrot Cake.

Assorted cookies from crystal jade CNY 2023
Assorted Cookies from Crystal Jade

Ideal for serving guests who come visiting or bringing to a gathering are Joyous Red Bean Soy Milk Pudding ็บข่ฑ†่ฑ†ๆต†้ธณ้ธฏ็ณ• ($28.80), Ah Ma Almond Cookies ๅคๆ—ฉๆไป้ฅผ ($22.80) and Golden Pineapple Cookies ้ป„้‡‘ๅ‡คๆขจๆŒž ($26.80) โ€“ the latter two are made with less sugar for better enjoyment.

Eternal Bliss Festive Cakes Platter crystal jade estore

For more information on all Chinese New Year menus and takeaway festive goodies, please visit


From 4 Jan 2023, customers can celebrate at Crystal Jadeโ€™s fine and casual dining restaurants island-
wide โ€“ choose from a range of exclusive Chefโ€™s a la carte recommendations starring ubiquitous festive dishes such as luxurious โ€˜pencaiโ€™| ็›†่œ, as well as set menus for two to ten diners.

Crystal Jade Palace (Takashimaya Shopping Centre)
The flagship outlet of the group, Crystal Jade Palace continues to offer unrivalled Cantonese and
contemporary Chinese fare matched with warm and friendly service.

Whet the appetite with an array of special dim sum items from the likes of Steamed Siew Mai with Abalone and Black Moss, to Steamed Crab Meat and Mustard Dumpling, before tucking into a
wholesome bowl of Poached Chinese Cabbage with Superior Birdโ€™s Nest ๅผ€ๆฐด็™ฝ่œ็‚–ๅฎ˜็‡•็› ($88 per person) โ€“ a pure bowl of unadulterated goodness characterised by the subtle sweet flavours of the cabbage, or a tantalising Poached Wild Soon Hock in Pickled Tomato Soup ็•ช่Œ„้…ธๆฑคๆตธ่ถŠๅ—้‡Ž็”Ÿ็ฌ‹ๅฃณ้ฑผ($16 per 100g); live โ€˜soon hockโ€™ gently cooked in a suitably festive red-tinged fresh tomato-based
soup punctuated with pickled mustard leaves and topped with black fungus, deep-fried garlic and ginger.

Opt for an inventive Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw & Conpoy on Crispy Hor Fun ่š็š‡ๅ‘่ดข้ฒ็ฝ—ไธ‡ๆœ‰่„†ๆฒณ็ฒ‰ ($68 per regular portion) which features an expertly deep-fried disc of flat rice noodle sheets crowned with an abalone sauce-based gravy brimming with ingredients โ€“ the โ€˜hor funโ€™ softens slightly as the gravy soaks through but remain just that little bit crisp. Presented like lollipops, Crispy Ginger with Orange Peel Nian Gao ่„†่Šฑๆต†้™ˆ็šฎๅนด็ณ• ($8.80 for 4 pieces) are bite-sized balls of homemade glutinous rice cake studded with orange peel, coated with chopped ginger-flecked batter then flash-fried till a golden brown and crunchy. Between 23 Jan and 5 Feb, the restaurant is also offering a dim sum menu of over 15 items alongside perennial favourites such as congee, appetisers, and small bites for lunch.

Crystal Jade Palaceโ€™s range of set menu are priced between $138 to $228 per person (minimum two to dine), and from $888 to $2,888 for a table of five and ten persons respectively. A vegetarian set menu priced at $138 per person is also available.

All diners who dine-in from 4 Jan โ€“ 5 Feb 2023 will receive a set of Festive Angbao pack return vouchers which includes 30% off with no minimum spend, 20% off minimum spend of $68 (casual concepts) / $108 (fine-dining concepts), and $2.80 off purchases on Terms & conditions apply.

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