$1.80++ Sushi Per Plate & $9.90 Chirashi Don? Sushi Buffet at $15.90? Try it out now!

$1.80++ Sushi Per Plate & $9.90 Chirashi Don? Sushi Buffet at $15.90? Try it out now!

Sushi at $1.80++ per plate? That’s what you are getting at One Sushi, conveniently located at Yishun Town Square, right across Yishun Interchange Entrance 6, easily accessible by MRT too.


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One Sushi ไธ€ๅฃๅฏฟๅธ was established in 2018, committed to delivering the perfect Japanese dining experience with a touch of modernity. Being a homegrown brand and helmed by a dedicated team, One Sushi work towards a vision of โ€˜by locals, for localsโ€™ to tune their dishes befitting of the customersโ€™ taste buds.

With a conveyor belt structure, One Sushi offers a wide array of sushi dishes catering to the masses at a bargain, topping it off with their automated car system that delivers piping hot dishes right when you start to salivate.

We were surprised that their Signature Chirashi Don was priced at $9.90 and it’s going for an even lower price during Monday to Thursday, 2 to 5pm when they are running a promotion of 20% off regular items.

Here are what we try at One Sushi.

Salmon 3 Flavours (Premium Sushi) $5.20

Salmon 3 Flavours, Salmon nigiri, seared with mentaiko, seared with mayonnaise

Having 3 different types of Salmon Nigiri, including 2 seared and various toppings, each one was unique to its own.

Soft Shell Crab Handroll (Handroll) $6.80

Soft Shell Crab Handroll from one sushi

Soft shell crab was well fried to crunch, flavoured with mayo and tobiko with the sushi rice encased with seaweed.

Assorted Sashimi Platter 5 Types (Premium Sashimi) $28.80ย 

Sushi platter from One sushi

Sashimi is my favourite to order when I visit a Japanese restaurant. It is definitely value for money for this premium sashimi compared to other Japanese restaurants.

Unagi Maki (Maki) $12.80

Unagi Maki One Sushi

The maki roll consists of tamago and cucumber in between, topped with a slice of savoury grilled unagi.ย 

Mentai Fries (Mentai Series) $4.80

Thick Mentaiko Fries One sushi

I am one of those people whoโ€™re obsessed with mentaiko but those who are not a fan mightfind it overly rich.

Signature Chirashi Don (Truffle Don) $9.90

Signature Chirashi Don (Truffle Don) from one sushi

Priced at $9.90, this was a total steal for me. It comes with a generous serving of diced sashimi on top of Japanese pearl rice infused with truffle oil.

Flaming Tama Salmon Don (Truffle Don) $9.90

Flaming Tama Salmon Don (Truffle Don) from one sushi

Another value for money truffle don with Spicy Salmon and Tamago topped with torched mentaiko.

Off the conveyor belt are these $1.80++ sushi: Spicy Salmon, Unagi Sushi, Hokkigai Mentai, Salmon, Smoked Duck.
$1.80++ assorted sushi from one sushi

There is always room for desserts. Goma Ice Cream ($3.50) was intense and nutty. Cream Puff ($2.80) was soft on the outside whileCheese cake, Cream puff dessert one sushi the cream was still frozen so it was more like an ice cream puff. Delicious! Brulee Cheesecake ($3.80) comes with sugar torched at the top. I love the richness of this yummy cheesecake.


One Sushi is also offering 20% off regular items. Available on Mon-Thu, 2-5pm only. Not valid with other promos, privileges, vouchers & discounts. Not applicable on PH Eve & PH.

You can view their menu here: https://kingdomfood.sg/one-sushi/ย 

Or follow them on their social media for the latest update:ย 




One Sushi

3 North Point Drive, #01-04, Yishun Town Square, Singapore 768020

Opening Hours: 11.30am-10pm Daily

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