Free Flow Xiao Long Bao with The Best Fatty Beef Hotpot in Town!

Free flow Xiao long Baos? Definitely a must-try!

We popped over to Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat recently, which is located at 20 Cross Street #01-31 Cross Street Exchange Singapore 048422. For newbies at Cross Street, do note that it is located outside the building, facing Ya Kun. The giant wall posters on the wall attracted our attention immediately.Β 

Free flow xiao long bao with best beef fatty meat hotpot steamboat

We went for tea break at 3pm. The aircon coolness was adequate, and the place and utensils are very clean. The servers attended to all inquiries speedily and food was readily served.


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♬ original sound – shiokeats – shiokeats

We ordered a yuan yang steamboat consisting of Cordyceps soup (虫草鸑汀) and Herbal soup (ζ»‹θ‘₯ζ±€). Love that the soup is not oily and does not congeal (no foam). Both soups are very flavourful. Our kid prefers the herbal soup which she gulped 3 bowls of it.The adults favoured the Cordy soup which has a generous amount of Cordyceps.

There was a variety of sauces, and the one that caught our eyes was their 南乳汁 (preserved beancurd). We don’t really like it, but since it’s rare to find, we just had to try!

There are enough food choices to pamper the young and old, and me – the meatatarian.

Our top favourite has got to be their prawns. It was extremely fresh and so easy to peel off!

Our top favorite has got to be their prawns. It was extremely fresh and so easy to peel off! We also tried their trademark pork and beef, and the 1st thing that came to our mind was – ε₯½ηΊ’ε•ŠοΌε₯½ηΎŽε•Š

Could you resist such beautiful, fresh, and tender meats?Β 

Guofu hotpot high quality meat for steamboat

Personal Bonus:

The meats are really lean to my liking.

2nd bonus:

The kid who just had a heavy lunch actually fed herself well with 3 big servings! And she’s not exactly a hotpot fan. This was how much she loves the old hen soup chicken.

Guo Fu Hotpot also offers Ala Carte Buffet! They have over sixty varieties ranging from meat, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, dim sum, desserts, etc. for you to choose from. Dipping with our authentic Guo Fu’s sauces or mixing your own sauce from a wide variety of classic sauces let you enjoy a fruitful and extraordinary hotpot experience.

Wide variety of soup base Guofu hotpot


Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat

20 Cross Street #01-31 Cross Street Exchange Singapore 048422

Opening Hours:Β 

11.30 am to 10 pm daily (includes PH & PH’s Eve)

Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm | Dinner: 3pm to 10pm.

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