Authentic Peranakan Restaurant Serving Amazing Nyonya Cuisines That Will Blow Your Tastebuds Away

Located on level 2 of Balestier Plaza, Nyonya House by Rempahs is an authentic Peranakan restaurant where the food is cooked fresh daily with family recipes and traditional ingredients.Β 

You can’t miss the restaurant as it is right in front of you when you go up the escalator. A huge kitchen dominates the interior and five tables are placed outside along the corridor, with each able to seat 3 to 4. Bigger parties may sit in the small room which has a big round table that can seat about 8.Β Β 


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The beautiful batik prints on the tabletops add to the enduring appeal of Nyonya House by Rempahs, which exudes charm and authenticity. Dining here is just like having a loving meal at your grandmother’s house.Β 

Authentic Nyonya Food in Singapore

The food was amazing too. The classic Ayam Buah Keluak (small, $18) featured tender chicken in a thick, rich gravy that tasted heavenly. According to Alice, the correct way to eat buah keluak nuts was to dig the paste out from the hard shell, mix it with rice, and eat this mixture with the gravy.Β 

The succulent pig trotters in the Babi Pongteh (small, $18) were impeccable, while the Kueh Pie Ti (2 sets, $10) β€” crispy shells filled with carrots, turnips, prawns and eggs with a sweet chilli β€” were a firm favourite.Β 

The squid in the Fried Chilli Sotong (small, $12) was decent, but the piquant belachan chilli that came with them was stunningly scrumptious and enhanced the squid’s taste immeasurably.Β 

Finally, the Assam Prawns (small, $12) delighted with their savoury, sweet and spicy profile. The crunchy prawns were flawless, but the juicy pineapple chunks, soaked in the Assam curry, managed to outshine them.Β 

Nyonya House also has catering and delivery services. If you’re in love with their sauces, you can buy their paste from their online store. Visit their website to find out more:Β 


Nyonya House By Rempahs

Balestier plaza, Balestier Rd, #02-01 400, 329802

Opening Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm⁣

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