Elevate Your Dining Experience with This One-of-a-Kind Italian Japanese Fusion Menu

Founded in 2009, RUBATO is widely known as the go-to Italian fusion restaurant for the dining elite in Singapore and the region. RUBATO also comes in as Singapore’s favourite small-batch, boutique selection of Italian food. They only roast and bake when you order! This ensures your gourmet choice is extra fresh.


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What sets them apart is their intricacy in bringing their customers perfection – from flavour to texture and temperature. They only roast and bake when you order! This ensures that your gourmet choice is extra fresh.ย 

Enough of the introduction, letโ€™s talk about the real thing – Their Food!

As starters, we had the all-popular Gift from the Angels ($68) which is cold Angel hair pasta with Hokkaido scallops, fresh truffles, and uni from Japan. The uni is sweet and creamy and the Hokkaido scallops are tender and juicy. Filled with umami, it is easy to tell why this is their best selling pasta.

Next, we were served their 3-course Omakase ($168). The first dish was premium aged Parma ham with michelin grade burrata. The Parma ham was savoury and the creamy burrata perfectly harmonized with the salty ham to give you a burst of flavour in your mouth.

The next dish came with Japanese tuna belly (otoro), frsh tagiolinni pasta, ikura, and shaved parmesan. The Otoro was stunning. You could see the fat marbling on it and it really melts in your mouth. The ikura gave the perfect saltiness to balance this dish.

For the last dish of on the Omakase menu, we had the pork belly with cherry tomatoes. Pork belly was crunchy and not too fatty. The meat was well seasoned and fragrant as you chew. The perfect side-dish for the pork belly was the cherry tomatoes. The grilled tomatoes complimented well with a light tinge of tanginess.

With our appetites whet up, the A8 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye ($128) and the Seafood Platter ($388) was served. Both were huge. If you came here to celebrate an event or just want to have a get-together with your friends, we suggest you order these two dishes. The ribeye was juicy and flavourful. The addition of salt really brings out the meaty goodness in the beef. Personal preference, we feel that the sauce goes better with the vegetables at the side!ย 

The Seafood Platter contains a wide variety of seafood including fresh sea bass, lobster, Australian clams, mussels, and prawns. Itโ€™s a perfect platter for sharing!

Last but not least, we would like to really feature this amazing dessert platter that was not on the menu. The whole table was shocked and everyone dipped their spoons into the most amazing dessert we ever tried in our lives. Let the picture do the talk.

This platter had Artisanal Handmade Italian Gelato, Vanilla Panna Cotta, Angel’s Breathโ€ Tiramisรบ, RUBATOโ€™S Classic Molten Chocolate Cake, Strawberry and Mango Sorbet. It was the most amazing dessert we ever tried.

Rubato is currently having their Christmas menu so you can order these lovely dishes to share with your friends and families this festive season!

RUBATO at Greenwood

12 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289204

Opening Hours: 10 am – 2 am

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