Hidden Gem Cozy & Elegant Fusion Bar In Esplanade Mall. Relax, Chill with Drinks with $1 LokLok

The stunning view of the iconic Marina Bay and Singapore Skyline, accompanied by amazing drinks and high-class lok lok only selling for $1 each. Conveniently located on Level 3 of Esplanade Mall, just beside the National Library, this fusion bar – Symphony Cafe and Lounge is the perfect place for an evening/night out with family and friends to unwind and chillax.

$1 Lok Lok in relaxing and cosy fusion bar, symphony cafe and lounge


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Here are some of the awesome foods we tried:

Their Signature Seafood Broth (18.90) was milky and contained a generous amount of mackerel fish, prawns, squid, and a huge juicy abalone! Their Atlantic Ocean Cod Fish & Chips ($32.00) was fried to perfection. Served with decadent fries, this is a simple yet perfectly paired combination of fried goodness to be enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon juice and tartar sauce.

Seafood broth with big prawn and abalone in fusion bar symphony cafe and lounge in esplanade mall
crispy fish and chips at cozy and relaxing fusion bar in esplanade mall. Symphony cafe and lounge


Besides seafood, we also tried the Prime Ribeyes ($42.00) and the Spaghetti Bolognese & Bratwurst sausage ($16.00). These boneless juicy, tender, and succulent ribeyes paired perfectly with their house-made black pepper sauce infused with alcohol. The spaghetti was al dente and served with thick and rich tomato-based sauce paired with yummy Bratwurst sausages.

Medium rare juicy ribeye with mash potatoes at fusion bar symphony cafe and lounge in esplanade mall
savouring spaghetti bolognese and juicy bratwurst sausage in fusion bar symphony cafe and lounge

They also serve a wide variety of well-seasoned Lok Lok at an amazing deal of $1 per piece.Β 

What is a bar without some awesome cocktails? We also tried their Signature Cocktails: the Oolong Grapefruit Fizz ($16) and the Ju Hua Citron G & Tea ($16). The Oolong Grapefruit Fizz is an oolong tea-infused gin with grenadine, grapefruit juice, lemon, and soda while the Ju Hua Citron G & Tea is a chrysanthemum-infused gin mixed with honey citrus-infused gin and tonic.

Specially made cocktails in fusion bar symphony cafe and lounge

Don’t miss this cozy lounge cum bar! It’s a perfect place for a date or even for an informal business meeting! Additionally, businesses who wants to conduct business networking or small events can consider booking the whole place as well!Β 

This bar is probably one of the best place to relax and unwind after a long day of work. From its central location near the CBD area, to a setting where the environment is quiet and calm, its an awesome place to chill alone or spend a romantic evening with a date.

Symphony Cafe & Lounge

8 Raffles Avenue, #03-02, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802

Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Closed on Mondays)

Daisy: https://instagram.com/daisyday2088

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